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FPS (or First Person Shooters) is a classification of games that is widely known by just about every type of gamer in the world. Examples of well-known titles of this gaming genre are Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and the ever popular Halo (of which has already reached its fourth installment in its franchise). What many did not know is that businesspeople can learn a thing or two about their business lead generation from looking at, or playing these games.

Many will shrug their heads in doubt as they believe that playing video games does not, in any way, coincide with b2b lead generation. Au contraire, it is just like reading a satire or a well written poem; you have to read between the lines. In this case, you need to look more into FPS games other than all the guns, the shooting, and the killing.


Here are some things to get you started in learning what it takes for you to get quality business leads and sales appointments from looking or playing through a First Person Shooter game.

  1. Choose your weapon wisely. In these games, you can either purchase or pick up multiple types of weapons depending on the situation. From machine guns, to sniper rifles, to even futuristic arsenals like lasers (or exploding bugs while you are at it).

    Just like in an FPS game, you need to choose the best method that will get your targeted markets interested in purchasing your products and/or services. The time it takes for you to choose the right “weapon” for your lead generation campaign should be minimal. Your “enemies” (or competitors) can snatch away your weapon in a short amount of time. Worse, they can get to your targets long before you decide which tactic you want to take.

    So choose fast, and choose well.

  2. Aim, and shoot. While playing an FPS game, you will almost always encounter a sniper rifle type of weapon. These weapons specialize in very long range combat and can allow you to take down your enemies from quite a distance.

    In b2b lead generation and appointment setting, targeting your markets is absolutely crucial to your financial success. You should get the right tools for the job (i.e. contact lists and mailing databases) to provide your business-to-business marketing campaign with laser targeted precision for contacting prospects. There are a lot of consequences when you miss and a lot of them may cost you a lot more than just a hole in your wallet.

  3. Search and make use of healing items. Sometimes in these types of games, the going gets really tough and you might find yourself caught in a crossfire. Evading these will not be a simple task and you might find yourself bleeding for survival.

    Just like in an FPS game, you need to search for items that will replenish your health points. In marketing from lead generation, errors might pop up here and there. Running across them may become an inevitable event but it does not mean you cannot remedy them. However, you need to fix them fast or else your marketing campaign will “bleed” cash, time, effort, and even the very leads you have strived so much to generate.

    Remember, you can get a lot more in learning how to gain fruitful outcomes for your b2b lead generation campaign from a lot of things. First person shooter games are just one of them.

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