When you look at your typical Easter egg hunt, you’ve probably seen at least several areas that can be applied to marketing. You have the eggs, the prizes, and seasonal appeal. When you think about it, all of these applications sound very familiar when you’ve heard of gamification as a marketing strategy.

Although, can you really fit in something as strictly B2B as telemarketing? Here are a few ways to do it without coming off as awkward.

Telemarketing as the next step

Here’s an idea for an email campaign. Why not just send your ‘egg’ in the form of a message that’s just a little bit more likely to get lost in your prospect/customer’s inbox? After that, announce it on your website or some other publication. Next, leave a number to call for the next step (which could be claiming the reward, finding another ‘Easter egg’ etc).

Seeing as how inbox placement is a hassle, it’d be amusing to see your own prospects and customers do the work for you. Although, it’s obviously important to have a strong following so that everyone will see your announcement and be excited to participate.

Telemarketing as a trigger

Suppose you revamped your website for the Easter season and secretly hid ‘eggs’ in the form of secret links (be it on the images, text, or even the source code). Why not send a call to those lucky or curious enough to stumble upon them?

You don’t have to call immediately either. The egg can prompt them whether or not they want to receive a call about your little promo. But like the previous suggestion, it’s important to have a strong following so that you’ll have plenty of clicks.

Telemarketing as the starting signal

If you’re planning it to be a retention campaign, telemarketing can be a really personal way to extend the invitation. It qualifies old customers in case they ever want to take part. You can also use it as a creative way to introduce other products they might be interested in. Just make sure the list is targeted well enough and that you’ve established a good history with these customers.

Like any other step of B2B lead generation, telemarketing can prove itself useful in various areas of a strategy (especially when you’re already appealing to a strong following). That goes even when you’re trying to gamify that strategy with elements of an Easter egg hunt.