Ideally you want your IT lead generation campaign to at least put you on even footing with your competitors. But in industries like business software, it seems like the competition has already been settled. What hope does your lead generation campaign have when clearly you are pitted against a company, that is bigger, larger, and just have better products than you?

When Competitor Is Goliath But Your Lead Generation Campaign Is No David

Lead Generation, IT Lead Generation, Sales LeadsAt this point, you might try and cheer yourself up with stories like David and Goliath. Even if the reality of the situation looks grim, you could at least boost the morale of your lead generation strategies right? Although, perhaps the comparison to David may be far more realistic than you may think.

Look back to the story, in fact, take away any religious element to it. What did little David do that took down his Philistine foe? He used smooth stones. These stones were perfect for sniping down the head of the giant. Why can you not do the same with your lead generation campaign? Use something small to win! Do you really think your qualified IT leads have all been dominated by the shadow of your giant competitor?

  • Look for those who prefer something less – If your lead generation campaign aims high but finds your competitor has already pursued your prospects, what harm is there in aiming lower? Do not look down on those who loosen their lead generation standards if it means getting a foothold in a larger market that your competitor has become too expensive for.
  • Look faster – If it looks like you just cannot cater to a lower-budget market either, then you simply have to speed up generation web hosting leads, telecommunication leads, technology consulting leads and other IT leads. Sometimes the biggest disadvantage of being large is that you now move sluggishly due to increased size. Move quickly to find prospects who have yet to make their first purchase so that your lead generation strategy keeps you one step ahead!
  • Look to support – If you insist that your competitor lacks something, then your lead generation strategy should position your company as the one that can fill in that gap! You do not always have to directly oppose their products but might even do better to offer additional support for them! This means you both have an equal share of the same market!

Your lead generation campaign does not need to feel dwarfed when that size gives you an unforeseen advantage! These days you do not generate sales leads by size but how you use that size to its best!