To all those thoughtful sales leaders out there, ponder on these quiz questions:

  • “How do you use data to drive better future decisions?”
  • “How do you use mobiles to do sales?”
  • “Are you a sales champ?”

These are some examples of sales quizzes to help you find out what kind of sales team you lead. Have you ever used quizzes to foster high sales productivity? If not, then you are losing it. Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

Productivity is the most critical factor when it comes to running a successful business. Without efficient business processes and a productive team, the chances of growing into a profitable organization are bleak at best.

Though employees of all functional areas need to notch up their productivity to enable higher profits, the efficiency of the sales team is the most vital. It is because the sales reps are the ones in constant touch with your customers and are trying day in and day out to get more business.

If your sales reps, on the other hand, are inefficient, your business has got a tough road ahead.

According to different studies, one of the biggest challenges that sales teams face is the lack of time. An average employee spends around 13 hours a week on emails alone, which means 28% of the workweek is taken up by emails. Other possible reasons are ineffective communication and poor management for their low productivity.

Will you ever think of making huge, comprehensive training modules to coach an already burdened, time and sleep deprived team of yours?

No, never. Don’t think of it.

You need to take serious measures to improve their efficiency and one of the best ways to actually understand where your employees lack in terms of productivity is quizzes.


Quizzes are short, interactive, crisp, fun, and lesson-oriented.

Quizzes not only help you identify the employee knowledge gaps, but also improve metacognitive monitoring.

Let’s discuss in detail; how to create a quiz and using a quiz builder to measure sales rep productivity.

4 Pros to Using an Employee Engagement Quiz

Quick and Easy to Create

  • Select the most suitable template from the quiz builder for your requirements and start creating your quiz or you can also create from scratch if you wish to.
  • Apart from using any of the preset templates, you often get the option of creating your own template too, completely customizable as per your branding guidelines.
  • Once you are through with the starting point, simply choose from the available question types to proceed further. It is advisable to create an outline on paper first, so that you have an end-to-end vision of what you want to achieve from the completed employee engagement quiz.
  • Add audio, video, images, documents and other such files to enrich your quiz. Make sure that your questions are designed in a precise and to-the-point manner. Take help from professionals if there is a need.

Share Quizzes Seamlessly

  • Share your quizzes with your team in just a few clicks. Irrespective of their location and time.
  • Secure your quiz by providing unique login credentials to each of your team members or groups to access the employee engagement quiz.
  • They can access the quiz anytime, anywhere in the world through any device be it a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. All they have to do is enter the correct details in the browser window.

Sales reps are often on the go and such enhanced accessibility allows them to conduct assessments with ease.

Get Instant Scores, Automatically

Collecting quiz answers, checking their correctness, and evaluating performances is a tedious task. However, online quizzes do the hard work for you by providing instant scores and results as soon as the test is over.

  • Instantly share the quiz results using quiz taker on social websites. The bottom line is that you can save lots of time in grading your employee performances and better utilize it for growing your business instead. In a way, you increase your own productivity too!
  • Incentivize outstanding scores by acknowledging, appreciating, and even rewarding the top performers in front of the rest of the team.
  • Boost motivation levels and urge your team to notch up their performance levels in the future, thus increasing their productivity.

Fetch Vital Data And Reports

  • The quiz builder software not only shares the individual scores of each sales rep, but also provides valuable insights and metrics in the form of custom reports.
  • Monitoring and analyzing this data allows you to identify the problems in your business processes and improve them. For example, if a high percentage of employees have performed poorly in the employee engagement quiz, then the underlying reason maybe an unoptimized business practice at your company.
  • Quizzes help to identify the root cause and alleviate it to improve the overall productivity of your sales reps and by extension, your business.
  • Taking a data-driven approach is imperative to succeed in the modern cut-throat competition and quizzes fit perfectly in this approach.

When to Conduct an Employee Engagement Quiz To Gauge Sales Reps Productivity

Now that we know how versatile quizzes are in measuring the productivity of your employees, the next step is to identify when to create a quiz. You can (and must) design different quizzes for gauging the productivity of sales reps based on specific events. Let’s take a look at few such events:

Before Hiring

It is a no-brainer that you can increase the productivity of your team by hiring highly productive candidates in the first place. You can design a superb quiz that would help you shortlist the candidates that effectively utilize their time and are efficient.

Some common questions that are often part of such pre-hiring quizzes are, “Do you plan your day in advance?”, “How good are you in prioritizing tasks?”, “You delegate tasks to appropriate people?” and so on.

The questions at this level can be often generic, especially in the case of hiring freshers. On the other hand, quizzes for regular employees can be more functional-area specific.

employee engagement quiz

During On-Boarding Process

Sales reps generally go through an on-boarding training and induction program that familiarizes them with the company’s vision, policies, ethics, organizational structure, goals and much more.

Besides, they are also introduced with the working of their functional area, the tools and software they would use, flowcharts, systems and so on.

It is a great exercise to test how much they have imbibed from such an on-boarding orientation. The better these new recruits perform, higher will be their productivity; simply because they will be better equipped to carry out their day to day tasks and duties.

After Training Programs

Frequent training programs are instrumental in the growth of any business. You can measure the increase in productivity of your sales reps after certain programs by conducting a quiz. This way you can also learn about the degree of effectiveness of your training sessions, too. Such data would be crucial in modifying your upcoming training modules to enhance the impact that they can create.

Before Appraisals

Measuring productivity before appraisals is a great way to objectively determine how much appraisal should be given to each employee. You can design the questions around the requisite KRAs and KPIs of your sales reps and gauge how well they performed against the targets.

At Regular Intervals

Besides these specific events, quizzes can virtually be scheduled at any set time to measure the productivity of sales reps. Frequent assessments and evaluation help you to stay on top for maintaining high productivity levels in your team.


High productivity of sales reps is the deciding factor in the success or failure of any business. Without an efficient team, the growth of your business would most definitely become stagnant very fast. Thus, there is a critical need for boosting the motivational levels of your sales team.

But in order to focus on boosting productivity, you need to measure it first. This is where quizzes can help you out. With the help of a modern, cloud-based quiz maker software, you can create online employee assessment quizzes that would enable you to measure employee productivity with ease.