In any shape up plan, small changes can make a big difference. Over time, choices, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, skipping the bread and butter before dinner, or foregoing the fries for a side of veggies, create a new pattern of behavior. But – to have a lasting impact – any change requires a long-term commitment. Healthy habits need to be integrated as part of an ongoing routine.

Sales organizations can also make small “lifestyle” changes to improve their sales fitness level, and upselling is one of the simplest ways sales teams can make a big difference.

Effective upsells can give your revenues a big boost. According to some research analysts, upselling can account for up to a  third of ecommerce revenues.

More importantly, these types of deals provide real value to your customers by informing them about logical complements to your product or service.

For today’s #FitTips4Sales suggestion, here are some small ways you can help your team shape up for the upsell!

Never forget that “After the game is before the game” – Sepp Herberger

According to Tamara Schenk of the MHI Research Institute, you need to make sure the value you sold gets delivered! Meet expectations or, better yet, exceed them! Further, Tamara adds that by communicating the value to all initial and current stakeholders, you can create an entry point for new business. (“10 Ways to Gain a Competitive Edge in 2015.”)

Develop a sales process for closed deals

Set up a process to follow up on closed deals. With customizable email templates, reps can personalize the approach, and sales managers can convey key messages, such as:

  • We appreciate your business – AKA thank you!
  • We are here to help any way we can – AKA you matter to us!
  • Please contact us if you need any assistance – AKA we’re here to help!

Nurture existing customers

Nurturing existing customers is as critical as nurturing prospects, and here are three key reasons why:

  • Repeat business
  • Referral business
  • Right thing to do – if you sell them your product, you want to be sure they’re satisfied!

Use sales automation and analytics to accelerate upselling

Sales tools can help you support customer engagement that generates repeat or referral sales – and do the right thing by your customers. Using email templates and group email capability, quickly inform existing customers about how other customers are using your solution, your latest product capabilities, and special offers.

Combined with powerful engagement analytics, you can see how customers interact with those emails and the attached content. If you see a customer click on a link regarding a special pricing offer or download and view the attachment, it provides a signal for your team to reach out to them.

Sales managers can also monitor sales reps’ engagement activities. This lets them quickly see which email templates and what approaches have the most success – so they can repeat those processes.

By making small changes, your sales organization can deliver better customer service and shape up upselling abilities that can add to your business’s bottom line. Want to get your sales team in top shape this summer? Check out LiveHive’s Summer Sales Shape Up Kit!

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