For at least some IT companies, online lead generation seems to be the default method of getting in touch with prospects, sharing expertise, and even closing deals. However, have you ever thought applying the need to unplug to your lead generation campaign? Before you assume that sounds counter-productive, this is not about going full Amish with marketing (much less with an IT company).

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Why Lead Generation Needs A Bit Of Rewiring

This is simply about the possibility that you could have more successful IT lead generation campaigns if you choose to expand. You may not have to go completely offline at all but seeking a lead generation channel that does not always involve you (or your people) sitting in front of a computer can be a nice change of pace. Why?

  • 1. It helps you familiarize – Sometimes the world of the Internet can be a little disparate from actual reality. Sure it can be a great source of information but IT leads would not exist at all if an equal mix of misinformation was not a problem either. If lead generation is simply about getting to know about prospects, it is fitting that you actually make a bit of effort to have your companies meet in person.
  • 2. It serves as a back up – Learning to run your lead generation campaign without the need for online work can come in handy during times of emergency. Sometimes a black out could hit or your salespeople find themselves a little cutoff from the client database. Setting aside a few offline alternatives can help maintain a level of productivity.
  • 3. It can be sometimes cheaper – Sometimes it is far easier and simpler to get out and meet a few prospects than to always spend hours scouring for emails or social media connections. If your sales lead generation campaign is starting to get expensive, do not miss out on opportunities to cut that costs even by just a little!

Think of your lead generation as your typical user who eventually needs to get off the PC on occasion. There are lot of things that can still be done (and even need to be done) while unplugged. Do not hesitate to use the occasional live conversation to qualify your IT sales leads.

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