Change is inevitable if you are a successful growing business. For sales professionals, understanding how change impacts the sales process & customer buying cycle is critical to their personal success and development.

“The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress”

– Charles Kettering

Change is challenging but very necessary.

Today’s customers are frazzled and overworked and don’t have enough hours in the day. They are risk-averse and hesitant to make changes that might cause problems or bring on more work.

As their needs grow, customers realize that they must make a change.



What Motivates Your Customer to Buy?


Identify a need or problem that your customer may have and then describe each specific phase as the need grows.

Instructions: Consider how the problem would grow in order for your customer to make a change and purchase something from you.

Here is an example to help get you started!

Making a Change

Trying to Lose Weight

Pain motivation:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Health issues

Gain motivation:

  • Looking good
  • Fitting into smaller size
  • Being healthier

Deciding whether to Buy a New Furnace

  • It’s OK: The furnace is 15 years old and should probably be replaced
  • It’s a problem: The furnace runs noisily and inefficiently; utility bills are increasing
  • The problem is growing: The technician sees bacteria and mold
  • I need to make a change!: The switch doesn’t work and you cannot get any heat whatsoever

Today’s competitive business world and its ever-changing factors.

  • Customers
    • Customers have an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality
    • Customers are risk averse and avoid challenges
  • Economy
    • The economy is always a factor in sales and is constantly changing
  • Politics
    • Politics affects businesses whether we like to think so or not.
    • When government gets involved more heavily in certain sectors (health care) and make new laws or policies, these changes have direct affects companies
  • Technology
    • Technology is advancing and changing faster than anything. We must keep up with the technology our customers are using and our competitors are using.

Happy Selling!