What does telemarketing have in common with wearing costumes? Better yet, what does it have in common wearing costumes that aren’t the typical set of vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein freaks?

Three things: Look, feel, and innovation. Old it may be, the practice of telemarketing is not isolated from general B2B marketing concepts such as branding, image, and most importantly, the need to adapt. There are other ways to ‘dress it up’ besides going for the mainstream look just as there are other things folks can dress up as besides the Universal Horror montage.

Liches, witches, and demons oh my!

While witches and devils have been used as Halloween costumes before, most folks ignore one thing about them: They’re not exclusive to the horror genre. Recently in fact, you’re more likely to encounter these in the fictional worlds of magic and fantasy rather than Victorian gothic horror.

It’s no more difficult to imagine your telemarketing resources being used outside typical cold-calling campaigns. Inbound telemarketing for instance can double as customer service. You can also use it around the middle of the sales process, rather than the beginning. So long as you need a telephone conversation to bring a prospect closer to a buying decision, you’ll be telemarketing. It doesn’t matter how far it may stray from the way it was previously employed.

Slashers and serial killers.

From Leatherface to Dexter Morgan, the faces of modern horror are just that: modern. They employ modern tools, live in modern times, and (if you’re not a fan) panned as ‘appealing to modern masses’.

They also however show how things can get scary even in our own times. Put in another way though: it’s about the relevance of horror regardless of time period.

Telemarketing is the same (despite how long it’s been used). You can use it with email, social media, websites, and any other form of marketing that might come out in the future.

This conclusion is usually reached after realizing one mistake: You tried to use new forms of B2B marketing in order to avoid using the phone at all.

Digital forms of marketing aren’t always a good substitute, especially when business owners don’t easily trust anonymous strangers on the net (as should most people).

Though there’s nothing wrong with going for either old school telemarketing or old school Halloween horror, it’s still very open to innovation. So as you start Googling for alternative Halloween costumes, try also looking for more alternative ways to run a telemarketing campaign.