Most business owners would agree that it would be beneficial to be able to turn their customers into sales people who go out and help bring in new business. The idea sounds complicated, and even expensive, but it may not be that difficult to use your marketing programs to turn your customers into your own sales force.

Reward Customers For Sharing

Many car dealerships bring in a significant amount of referrals by offering existing customers a cash reward for referring new business. If your company has a mobile app, then reward your customers who get others to download the app. Something as simple as an in-store discount on a future purchase can often be enough motivation for your current customers to bring in new business.

Video Testimonials

Getting people to trust testimonials on the Internet can be difficult, but you can add credibility to your online testimonials when you put them in video form. You can consider rewarding customers for agreeing to give a video testimonial, which will significantly increase the number of customers who would be willing to do it. You will notice that video testimonials filmed in your store and posted on your website will be perceived as being credible, and they will bring in revenue.

Maintaining Contact

If your business is able to collect birthdays from your customers, then be sure to send out cards to each customer on their birthday. If you collect email addresses, then use those addresses to let existing customers know about new products being released, and any new pricing promotions you have coming up. Another popular tactic is to do a special product release party that is only for current customers and one guest. This allows you to make your current customers feel special, and it also brings in new customers.

Your current customer base can be a treasure chest of referrals as long as you utilize it properly. You do not want to bombard your customers with messages and phone calls, and you want to make every contact something special. When you go out of your way to maintain quality contact with your customers, they will start sending their friends and family members to your business.

Go Above And Beyond

Going above and beyond for your customers means much more than just offering them great customer service. For example, many training companies help its graduates to find work in their fields. One such example comes from ITIC – after their students complete the course, they’ll still continue to receive support from ITIC who’ll provide advice on resume writing, interview skills, coaching and internship/work, experience program and helping them find jobs to start their careers.When those graduates are out there making a comfortable living thanks to their IT training, they will start recommending ITIC to their friends, coworkers and family members.

If you want your customers to refer your business to others, then you need to go out of your way to help your customers succeed. A recruiting firm could offer industry-specific training to employment candidates, or an electronics repair company could offer discounts on popular online services. Go above and beyond for your customers, and you will be repaid with referrals.


Promotional games can be a great way to build a customer base, and drive more revenue. The games that reward customers for collecting a series of game pieces that go to a game board are extremely popular. You can attach your games to specific products in your store, or you can base participation on general purchases. If you offer special bonus prizes to current customers that get other people involved in the game, then you will see a growth in revenue.

Before you try a promotional game, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney. Some areas frown upon these types of promotions, while other regions require you to follow special rules. But if you can arrange a game for your customers, then you will see a significant return.

Each time you close a sale with a customer, you should look at that customer as a source of new business. There are plenty of programs you can put together that will inspire existing customers to refer your business to the people they know, and the cost to you would be minimal. Investigate your marketing options and find new ways to turn your customers into your own sales force.