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No matter your industry focus, the correct tools will help you to get the job done better and more efficiently. This is particularly relevant in sales when you consider the diverse range of tasks that each professional must complete in order to properly nurture and convert a lead.

Today, there’s more pressure on the digital workforce than ever before. There is so much competition out there that it’s harder than ever to be heard. However, tools can give you a competitive advantage. According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Sales report, 82% of salespeople thank tools for their success at closing deals.

So, which solutions will help you to transform your desk into an incredible selling machine?

Let’s take a look at some essential tools!

1. Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management software, or “CRM” tools like Salesforce help salespeople to organize their strategies. With these systems, you can manage your leads and customers, schedule follow-up calls, and more. Crucially, you can also write notes from your last meetings, so that when you do follow-up with customers, you can give them the personalized experience they expect. For instance, you’ll have the background info to mention your client’s kids, or ask her about her new job, building loyalty as you do.

2. Productivity Apps

Productivity applications cover a pretty broad selection of sales tools. Some are pre-integrated into CRMs, others need to be downloaded yourself. Productivity apps can include file-sharing services like Dropbox, or digital note-management solutions like Evernote. Tools like Evernote make it easier to combine all of your notes into a single place, and share them across a range of devices, so you can take your desk with you wherever you go.

3. Power Dialing

Did you know that the average sales development rep makes around 46 calls a day? That’s a lot of time spent hitting numbers on a keypad, which could otherwise be spent chasing up new leads, replying to emails, and building customer relationships. Dialing software like Phoneburner can simplify the calling process. It allows salespeople to manage and search through calls easily, as well as leave one-touch voicemails and emails. That means more time spent closing sales, and less time listening to dial tones.

4. Email Productivity Software

Email is still a crucial part of the sales process, but it’s one that many professionals have failed to simplify. Implementing tools like Contactually, can help you take control of both your email, and social media accounts, so you’re constantly in touch with the people that matter. If you’re interested in boosting your personalization, or segmentation strategies, you could also download tools like Sidekick, which gives you info into a person’s job title, social profile, recent tweets, and more.

5. Social Media Efforts

Social selling solutions can help salespeople build and initiate powerful relationships with their social followers. No matter which platform you’re using, there’s usually a way to make it more effective for you. For instance, social monitoring tools like HootSuite can help you to sort through relevant messages, and tune into the important info your leads are sharing. It can also help you to automate your social posts.

6. Refine your Sales Intelligence

Finally, data will always be vital to a good selling strategy. Even simple solutions like LinkedIn can help you to learn more about your potential competitors and leads, while building a stronger brand for your business. There are also solutions from Salesforce, like data.com, which give salespeople the chance to peer a little deeper into what makes their customers tick. The more you know about your client base, the more you can create a sales experience that appeals to them.

Power up Your Sales Desk

It’s easy to see how sales technology could give even the best salespeople a powerful edge over the competition. With the right tools, you can improve your productivity, and achieve better results. After all, the top salespeople surveyed by the LinkedIn study we mentioned before were 24% more likely to attribute their success to sales tools.

Whether it’s email tracking, productivity tools, CRM, or automatic dialing, the right tech can simplify your work experience, and help you to close more sales than ever before.