This is the fourth and final installment in a four-part series on using marketing to power your sales engine. In this final installment, we’ll explain how to actively engage your clients and prospects to increase sales!

Your story and unique answers to your client’s questions are the basic fuel to your sales engine. That engine needs a fuel pump and a turbo boost… Let me explain.

A quality eBook is professionally written and designed to emotionally charge your story from the perspective of the reader. In short, it should capture attention and make them feel like you can uniquely empathize with them.

A well-designed eBook also fuels your marketing system. Ebooks can be broken into asset parts that will navigate people back to your website, which will turbo boost your business.

Each part or chapter can create more awareness by becoming a new and consistently familiar part of your marketing communications system.

Once your client or prospect downloads your eBook, you can use these assets to remind them that they were once interested (via eBook chapters repurposed as blog posts and email drips), while also attracting new readers (through awareness graphics and videos via social posts and emails) to visit your virtual Trade Show booth (your website) for your prized information and answers to their questions.

Your eBook story parts can be repurposed into:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Blog posts
  • Social posts
  • Awareness
  • Webinars
  • Emails
  • And MORE!

To reiterate, a GREAT marketing system: drives traffic to your website, captures customer data, and helps you create and serve up consistent and creative targeted content.

Here is where we turn up the volume up (to 11)

Your Turbo Charger

Remember a while ago when I told you that you had everything you needed to Turbo Charge, your Sales Engine?

That REAL Rocket Fuel is your sales team and their relationships. Multiple studies have shown that humans maintain about 150 quality relationships.

Interestingly enough, that is about the same number of contacts that will see and/or engage with your posts on LinkedIn. With that said…

Can you imagine what happens when your salespeople
connect with your current and past clients?

Even with 1000 (or more) connections on social media platforms, algorithms limit what we see (partially because they want to sell ads, but also not to overwhelm us with too much content.)

The more you can get your clients and prospects to interact with your content, and the more your sales team interacts with them, those same algorithms reward both by showing new content to each other, rather than random connections.

What do you think Turbo-Boosting your social media engagement will do for your company?

Turbo Amplification

The challenge becomes getting your sales team to consistently post your content to their own personal profiles (I will explain the easy way to do that later.)

Most businesses hire a person or agency to post to social media for them, but there are inherent problems with that. Generally, they only will have access to your business page accounts. Many business pages have around 250 followers or less. Secondly (and more importantly) social media platforms emphasize (reward) personal relationships with more engagement.

Most of them limit business posts. Some platforms are built around making money by charging your business to boost posts or advertise to get eyeballs and clicks.


What if you can get 10 people in your business to share the same message? That means that up to 1500 people or more will see, engage, and possibly click through back to your website (really targeted traffic.)

Now, imagine what happens when you share new content 3 times a week? (We can help with that!)

Your eBook marketing system provides you with weeks (or months) of rocket fuel to now turbocharge your content with a boost of 10x (or more) amplification.

This consistency of the content distribution will
amplify the reach for the entire company or division.

Final Thoughts

Combine consistent content creation and distribution on social media and email with a complete data capture and follow-up sales system. You now have a foundation that helps turn:

  • Relevance into Relationships
  • Awareness into Authority
  • Consistency into Commitment
  • Engagement into Execution

If you actively engage your clients and prospects (providing value), I can assure your that they will reward you with their time, attention, and trust… Ultimately increasing SALES.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what you can do to actively engage your clients and prospects. Are you focusing enough on consistency and engagement? Comment below and share your thoughts, ideas, or questions about increasing sales.