Your B2B customers aren’t the only ones going on their own corporate Easter egg hunt. Finding software leads can be another hunt in of itself. Only this time, the participants are your marketers and sales reps. The eggs in question represent not so much the actual leads but the trigger events that could make them worth pursuing.

So what are trigger events? Hubspot has a basic definition in this blog post. Generally speaking, you’ll find most trigger evens if you really stay up-to-date. If you’re the type to build lots of LinkedIn connections, this should make you heavy user.

On the other hand, that also shows how it might really test your lead generators if you want them helping you along with that search. Think of it like an egg hunt that requires a team effort. It’s important that you know the best likely places that a trigger event might occur so they won’t waste their time searching dead-ends.

Egg Locations

  • Social Media – As already mentioned, social media sites are an excellent source of news on potential clients. On the other hand, don’t have all your lead generators camp out on this front. There are only so many connections you can make and keep an eye on. You don’t always get noteworthy updates everyday either.
  • Business publications – Don’t just stick to online ones. Your never know when your local paper might just introduce your next client. Sure, you may not want to spend extra subscriptions for your offshore telemarketers. However, it’s at least another name and number for them to call.
  • Events – Obviously, events are a staple in any B2B marketing strategy (in one way or another). Tradeshows, conventions, and expos are all major opportunities to hear company announcements. And as you know, such announcements can be major trigger events.
  • Prospect’s own marketing – With big data in demand from marketers, anything they do can indicate a need for the tools to execute them. For instance, say you saw a gaming company with a habit of using referral strategies for every new MMO they publish. If you know this is their habit, isn’t it about time you approached them about improving it?

Finding trigger events can be a hassle when it requires you to open up all eyes and ears. You can make it easy on yourself (and your lead generators) if you divide them among the many sources of news. That way your entire marketing campaign stays vigilant while still having enough to qualify any software leads that come through.