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Sales is a tough nut to crack. But, when you are on the line, you need to be aware of the tips and tricks that will help you close a deal. While there are certain traits that a salesperson needs to be born with, there are many more skills that he or she can learn, in order to be better at selling. Here are a few tips which budding sales professionals can use:

Sell until you are convinced the customer doesn’t need the product

They say that the best salespeople can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo. While you may not need to tackle this particular challenge, you are sure to face multiple problems of your own. Prospective customers always make excuses to not buy the product. The most successful salespeople are always the ones who are the most perseverant.

Understand why the prospect is saying “No”. Unless you are yourself convinced with the prospect’s reasoning, there will always be room to turn these opinions around.

Give prospective customers time to take a decision

Many salespeople are often extremely hasty and they end up giving customers an ultimatum. From “The sale is about to end” to “Discounts are only applicable on these products”, salespeople use various tactics to push their prospects to make a purchase.

While these techniques may work sometimes, most times they don’t. Many customers feel cornered in such situations and they respond by completely shutting the company and the salesperson out.

Instead, tell the prospect that you will reach out to them in a few days time. Follow through with this. Giving prospective customers some breathing space might be the one thing that tilts the game in your direction.

Ask questions

Most salespeople fail to understand the true purpose of making a sale – providing a solution to the prospect’s problem. But, when you are unaware of the problem your prospect has, you will hardly be qualified or equipped to provide a solution to it.

Talk to your prospect before launching into your sales pitch. Understand their queries and concerns. Be accepting of their wants and expectations. Finally, address all these issues in your sales pitch. Customers tend to respond more favorably to salespeople who genuinely care about their needs.

Request references

The prospective customer you pitch to may not always make a purchase. But this isn’t the end of the line. One of the best ways for salespeople to get leads is through their existing customers and their prospects.

Request your prospects to suggest customers. You might be surprised to see that many will oblige. Once you get these leads, waste no time in contacting them. Inform your leads where you got their contact details from. This will help you establish trust and an open line of communication.

Following these few tips can definitely help salespeople hone their skills. It will also make them more approachable and trustworthy in the eyes of their prospective customers.