Sales is a cut throat industry and many people are not cut out for it. In the sales industry about 80% of the money that is earned is earned by the top 20% of the industries sales professionals.

Here are some of the top qualities of the top earners in sales, the 20% that bring in 80% of the revenue.

1. Overcome Fears

You must overcome your fear of objection and actual learn to seek out failure because that is the only way to be successful. The more no’s you receive when you are out selling, the more yes’s you will get, there is a direct correlation. In order to get rid of fear, you must do the things that you fear!

Try this, call 100 people as fast you can! See how many no’s you can get. Every time you reach a certain number of no’s (let’s say 50 no’s) reward yourself. You must be able to see no’s as a positive thing, you must not see rejection as a negative, but a positive.

2. Ambition

They have an intense desire to be successful. They are always aiming to improve their position and their sales numbers. They look at what successful people do and try to immolate that. They rarely criticize others or complain about their current situation. They are always aiming to improve their situation and better themselves. They are very ambitious and anxious to learn more, additionally, they are very goal driven.

3. Make a Complete Commitment

Unfortunately, the bottom 80% always mentally have one foot out of the door. They are always looking around for something else or some excuse. However, the top earners have the mental attitude of “I will be successful no matter what it takes”. They realize that they are responsible for their success and they take full responsibility to achieve it.

4. Authentic

Top earners practice making themselves better and improving their weaknesses so that they can be themselves on any sales call. Being your authentic self is important because people buy from people that they know and trust. Showing your prospect and client your authentic proves that you are human. This takes practice! It is not just as simple as being yourself, you must practice your weaknesses and improve your strengths so that you can stop pitching your product and start solving clients’ business problems.

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