The business development representative’s job is critical to the success of an organization. In fact, there is no role in a company that more directly impacts future prosperity, growth, and overall stability. After all, without sales, a company is quickly out of business. For this reason, it is vital to find a BDR that has the personality traits to thrive in this role.

The Right Fit

There are many important elements to consider before hiring a business development executive. It’s important to have realistic expectations for the role itself, and for the person who is hired. Every manager wants a BDR professional that knows everyone and has an easy affability that instantly endears long-term customers and prospects. This person would also be able to write killer proposals that net huge margins, build the company’s market share, bring in lots of leads, command the respect of the in-house team, and put out account fires when and if required. Does this sound like far too much for one person to handle? It can easily be if the wrong person is selected for the job, or if they do not have adequate support.

Intelligence and natural curiosity: They must be smart and passionate about learning. To effectively sell, they need to know the products or services well and be the company’s most vocal cheerleader.

Persistence: Obviously, taking the first ‘no’ for an answer is not the best sign of a closer. Successful BDR’s know that it is a numbers game, and every ‘no’ gets them closer to ‘yes’. For this reason, they won’t get discouraged; they’ll get creative instead.

They understand people: Marketers know that today’s buyers are well into the decision-making process before they contact a business. Lots of information is available online, and buyers are extremely educated. A BDR needs to be one step ahead, and take on the role of advisor that personalizes solutions to their challenges. Consultative selling is key in this environment.

They’re an integral part of the inbound marketing team: Inbound marketing is the way of the business world today, and a business development representative that buys into inbound and seizes the opportunities it offers can multiply successes. Owners and executives who understand how important connecting inbound marketing with their BDR is, will provide added tools to increase the growth of the entire company. A well-known statistic from a CMO study is often quoted by Michael Gass, the founder of Fuel Lines. He says that 80% of CMOs surveyed found their vendors, rather than vendors finding customers.

Good Internet abilities: Savvy sales development representatives know their way around the Internet; they understand Social Media and how it works like word of mouth on steroids. They also know that marketing online gains them a larger audience and a venue to craft a solid brand for the company. Communicating what is different and better about the company is what sets apart the average BDR and the star business representative.

Quick on their feet: Top-tier business development professionals ask the right questions and follow-up consistently. Through natural relationship-building skills, they can ferret out the information needed to provide the right solution for a client’s purposes.

Goal setters: – Although setting goals is often seen as the company’s job, the best BDR sales representatives set goals for themselves, as well as planning how to get there.
Overall, the new business development representative an organization hires can make or break the future success for that company. This is not a position that should be filled by a timid person or one that is not willing to think outside the box. They need to be creative in their work. Times have changed drastically, and the way people go about making purchases today is very different. Having a sales development representative that understands what it takes to get the job done is key. Hiring the person with compatible personality traits and arming them with all the tools they need to overcome any challenges, help clients solve business problems, and meet lofty financial metrics for maximum success, is equally vital.

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