You may have heard this before but jargon does not attract software leads. On the other hand, so many people in the IT industry get so immersed in their own culture that this little marketing tip needs repeating. This is not about sucking up or selling out just to please prospect customers. It is simply accepting the importance of getting your point across in plain English.

Why Speaking Human Attracts Software Leads

Software Leads, Generate Software Leads, Appointment SettingSpeaking of nerds though, you could say the ERP industry has a lot in common with those many scientific characters in popular media. From cartoons to movies, there is no doubt you may have encountered plenty of nerdy archetypes. These characters speak and communicate their point just as poorly as bad software marketers and salespeople. You do not want to waste your ERP leads by turning off prospects by talking like them.

Look at shows like The Big Bang Theory. Whether you see yourself in nerds like Sheldon and Leonard or regular people like Penny, the fact is even the nerds admit all that science talk gives people headaches (well, maybe except Sheldon). Another example would be the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory. Face it folks. Every time Dexter talks science, nobody really gets it.

Long winded explanations waste time and when you waste a prospect’s time, you are committing a grave offense and killing your chance at a sale. Getting more software leads would just be pointless. Even if, by some reason, their own people just cannot articulate, tech companies hire or outsource marketers who can serve as their means to communicate.

The following lists some of the common advantages you give your business by getting rid of the nerd talk:

  • Gets to the point – Nothing is faster than getting straight to the point. For example, say you are engineer and you just invented the means to create small but very powerful motors. Instead of reciting the content of your research notes, you would get more attention by saying, “You can use it to invent super-powered rollerblades.” or “James Bond would use something like this.”
  • Challenges you to see prospect’s perspective – By simplifying things and getting to the point, you see your product working real-time in your prospect’s own business. You will generate software leads much faster through sheer sympathizing. It takes your focus from the technical details and more on possibilities.
  • Gets prospect to drop their own lingo too – Speaking in plain terms is also your way of getting prospects to drop their own lingo. Your industry is not the only one that is frustrating to communicate with. In fact, even fashion and entertainment can seem out of touch with how the man on the street usually talks.

As much as they are often underdogs, the way nerds talk is not really their strongest point. It is no more out of touch and easy to get than the way hipsters, rappers, business buffs, and fans ofTwilight do. Speaking in plain human can do more to qualify your software leads and bring success to your software appointment setting.