As a sales manager, many of your trainings revolve around teaching your team of salespeople or wholesale distributors how to pitch to new customers, but what about the upsell? Everyone knows it is much more profitable to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one, so why is there not more focus on how to upsell to customers? The time to change that is now! Follow these tips to figure out when it’s time to upsell to your customers:

They comment on your product’s success.

There’s no better time to approach the subject of buying more from your brand than when a customer comments on how much they enjoy what they have purchased from you so far. If the customer only purchased the basic package of your services, suggest upgrading to the premium package and discuss how much more they would be able to get from it by making the change. Now that you have already proven yourself to the customer, it won’t seem as pushy or aggressive to mention an upsell.

Limited time promotion.

Every customer should be approached about an upsell when your company is running a limited time offer on products or services. Even customers who typically don’t respond to sales tactics should be approached at this time, and you can even start the conversation by saying “I know you don’t want to hear another pitch, but I do want to let you know about this deal before it’s over.” Present it as if you are just trying to keep them aware of special deals your company is offering, but make sure you emphasize the deadline.

Their strategy is shifting.

Is one of your client’s entering a new market? Is the company planning to shift into an entirely new direction? A change in the business path means a change in business needs, so be prepared to follow up with your client and discuss what his or her new needs are. Before having the conversation, plan out different products or services you can upsell to the client so you can introduce them naturally into the conversation.

At the end of the sale.

Retailers have always used the “free gift with purchase” tactic, especially in the cosmetics department, but now corporations are beginning to follow suit. If your company offers any kind of bonus for new customers or customers who purchase a certain amount of your product, don’t forget to mention this at the end of the sale. But, be careful how you phrase it. Instead of saying, “now that you’ve purchased product X, you can get product Y for only $20,” say “because you purchased product X, you can either choose one of these product Ys for free or give back the product Y and reduce the cost of your purchase.” This makes the customers feel you are giving them something for free, so they are more likely to choose product Y and walk away thinking they just got a great deal.

How can you tell when it’s time to attempt an upsell? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!