If you intend to sell just for the sake of completing a transaction, you will find it difficult to establish a network that will drive your career in sales. Selling does not end when your customers patronize your products or services. Selling starts when the customer says “no”, which is why establishing good personal relations is the most vital part in maintaining a market base to sustain demand. In this article I’ll explore the three essential elements required for any kind of sale.

essential selling elements
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Sales Presentation is also about Marketing Yourself

While the field of merchandising can be considered as a professional career towards increasing revenues, being personal in the strongest sense is the way towards succeeding. It does not mean, however, that emotions should overwhelm you. On the contrary, it is about setting ablaze your path towards erecting something of value. It is all about laying out respect for people. You have to believe that establishing a good relationship with your customers will bring rewards later on. Never be drowned by winning a client to your side during negotiations. Be true to who you are. Be interested in your customers. It is only through that process that your clients will see your true intentions. If they see that you are sincere, they will patronize not only you but also what you have to offer.

Selling is about Passion

No matter what kind of product or services you are handling, you have to make others believe that you are a hundred percent behind your merchandise. For instance, if you are tasked to market a hair spray, you need to present to all customers that what you have is the best. You have to drill into their minds that what you have to offer will bring them to new heights. The best way to keep people interested about your product can be attributed to the way you present them. You have to bring your ideas to life. You must actually know everything about your merchandise. Associate these things will all the advantages that will bring this item to them. When you pour out your emotions or your feelings about what you are selling, clients will become very interested in what you are saying. It doesn’t matter if your item is difficult to market. If on the first instance, people will be able to feel and see your enthusiasm, you have overwhelmed them with your passion and belief about the product.

Calculated Persistence is Key to Closing a Sale

The practicality of this approach is definitely vital especially if you are three-fourths along the way in selling merchandise. It actually makes no sense to lose a sale if you have been able to present all the information and every positive point about the product. Ending without an order makes the entire negotiation useless so why bring an item presentation in the first place. Being receptive to your customer’s response after a presentation will be a turning point. It will determine if your words are effective enough to convince them into patronizing what you are selling. A firm no or a straight yes is all there is when making a deal. Often, the crucial part is when customers find themselves somewhere in between. This is actually the chance which leaves you enough room to swing the discussion in your favour. At this instant, it is safe to bring back again what you’ve already said. It is an opportunity to clarify their thoughts. However, you must be careful not to pressure them too much since doing so will be detrimental to what you are pursuing. Back off a bit if you feel that they are not in tune with what you are offering them. It is always important to ask a client to buy in a nice manner. But let the course of deciding rests on the client. Customers almost always like the idea that acquiring a product from you is based on their initiative. Allowing them to get the credit will work wonders for you. When pursuing a sales call, it is always vital to remember that selling is not merely about a product or a service. It is also about you. When a client likes the way you approach, an ensuing presentation will follow through. Whatever negotiation or discussion you pull yourself into, pouring on a personal touch will increase the probability of your transactions to be successful. Presenting yourself, being passionate about your merchandise and taking calculated risks are all essential elements in keeping you on top of your first sales deal.

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