I belong to a Master Mind group here in Dallas consisting of a few other business owners. We meet once a month for a full half-day, and in the true Master Mind format as introduced to the world by Napoleon Hill, we each describe our current greatest challenge, and the other members discuss it and provide input and suggestions.

The results are frequently astounding.

At yesterday’s monthly meeting, one business owner explained that she was having a tremendous problem with keeping her sales reps motivated.

And that’s when someone came up with a BRILLIANT solution to the problem, one that he’s used with great success in his own business.

“The Ultimate Sales Call”

We all know that the absolute best time to go out and sell is immediately after you close a big sale and are on that natural high that follows! That’s how salespeople “get on a roll” – they ride the emotional high of closing a large sale, or difficult sale, or one they’ve been after for a long time.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself!

The suggestion given to that particular business owner’s problem was simple:

Record all of your sales calls (meaning appointments).

When you have one of those REALLY great ones, hang onto that recording, save it to your computer, put it on your iPad or on a CD in the car, etc.

Then, each and every morning before going out to sell for the day, LISTEN TO IT!

Even if your best sales call ever happened months or even years ago, listening to it in the morning, before going to work, will create the effect of being back on that emotional high you experienced after closing that sale!

The Psychology of Sales Success

I’ve explained “rolls” and “ruts” before. You “get on a roll” after experiencing a great success, as I’ve just described.

The emotions carry over, and your body language, vocal intonation, and other sub-communication transmit your enthusiasm and confidence to the prospect, and it makes them want to BUY from you. No hard selling required!

On the other hand, when you get into a “rut,” you may have noticed how difficult it is to get out of, and you seem to get deeper and deeper into it.

I discovered the reason why while studying the science of social dynamics.

Most people seem to believe that repeated failure and rejection will “steel you against it” to where you eventually become immune to it.

But, the reality is different. The truth is that repeated rejection beats you down subconsciously until your enthusiasm is destroyed. This comes across to prospects via your sub-communication, and it repels them. It makes them not want to buy from you. Or even be around you, for that matter.

The biggest culprit of all when it comes to this problem is cold calling.

When you’re rejected 98 out of every 100 times, your subconscious mind gets beaten down fast. So if you want to EXPLODE your sales – FAST – then follow these two steps:

1. Record your sales calls until you find that “best” sales call. Then listen to it every morning before you begin your selling day!

2. Stop cold calling immediately. As the science of social dynamics explains, the repeated rejection of cold calling will put you into a sales rut, one that’s nearly impossible to get out of.

Take those two steps, and watch your attitude – and sales – explode!