As Game of Thrones is kicking off its fourth season, it won’t be long before comparisons between the book and the drama adaptation start stirring the fan forums.

It’s kind of freaky actually when you realize that an adaptation can be just like a form of cross-channel communication. You have the same message (in this case, one epic fantasy tale) but different means of getting it across.

But just like Game of Thrones, have you ever noticed that this also results in two channels marketing each other?

One of the common challenges to integrating other channels is consistency. And in the case of GoT, that’s the reason why so many people can’t stop talking about the differences between the book and the show. What’s fascinating though is that while it can turn someone from the show, it carries the chance that fans will flock to the original material.

You can use this to the advantage of your telemarketing campaign. Suppose you decide to integrate email or invest in a social media property. When the message just doesn’t seem just as good as a live business call, get frustrated audiences to hear it themselves!

See this need to consult the original source material is really the accumulation of several ones:

  • Lack of information – When people see that one message is another version of an original, they tend to presume something will be missing. It’s like spot the difference but only on a more subtle scale. An email can give a brief list of some of your services but restrictions are applied so as not to bore the reader. Whereas in a live telemarketing call, the prospect has the leisure to ask for all services if they think that is what their own business needs.
  • Contrasting information – Another serious case is the possibility of contrasting information. Sometimes, in the case of multiple channels, the messages seem to contradict each other. Who will your prospects turn to for final clarification? That’s right, a real human being. It gives telemarketers a good reason to train themselves on your campaign long before any other message has been sent.
  • Different style – Finally, you have the tendency to have different communication styles between channels. An email could draw more focus on a particular product or service whereas a telemarketing pitch could emphasize on something else. This is where you’ll find the risk of inconsistent messaging. Get the two channels to reconcile and let prospects know you use more than just one means of communication.

People like an original and that goes even for simple marketing messages. Don’t feel restricted when adapting a message to a new channel could require it to change. Let those changes prompt potential clients to pursue you in the channel you originally excelled at.