Never forget that telemarketing, despite its age, will always find root in the ancient need for the human voice. In the context of B2B marketing, people will always need to hear who it is they are talking too. Written text can have so much more to hide compared to just hearing someone’s voice over the phone. In fact, there are even some forms of written text that are like telemarketing when it comes to living on despite digital advancements.

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The Presence Of Telemarketing Still Lives On In The Digital Business World

Just recently, CNN Money made a special report on how fax machines continue to thrive despite so many other technologies that do away with their necessity. For telemarketing, that only means you have more reason to use the process because there is still a need for it (unlike the fax machine which seems to rely more and more on nostalgia).

In fact, even if you are an IT company, you might still find yourself using telemarketing because a prospect insists on hearing you over the phone (or even seeing your face)! Why is that? It all boils down to the anonymity of anything else that can substitute for the human voice:

  • Tone neutrality – Just because tone exists in writing does not mean it is easy to discern. Using telemarketing to actually hear how a prospect is talking about their IT problems can indicate a lot more about their priority than asking them to compile a list. Your sales leads need as much information it can gather and you cannot always let prospects put them together for you.
  • Lack of verification – Much of technology is vulnerable to manipulation. Text is data and so long as data can be manipulated, so can text. However, it may not be just as easy when it comes to manipulating live conversations that have been recorded by your IT telemarketing services.
  • Longer communication – Normally, having a long conversation with a prospect can be a good thing if it was meant to understand them more. Telemarketing however is the tool often used when that conversation really needs to finish. Furthermore, exchanging too much information can also stress out the decision making process. Sometimes it is better to have a quick telemarketing call that establishes interest.

If the fax machine is still around, you can be that phone calls are likely stick around longer (if not forever). And so long as phone calls stick around, telemarketing is your only means to generate qualified IT leads when prospects really want to hear you.