Mergers and acquisitions typically lead to panic — especially for employees. They’re associated with layoffs and company-wide changes that impact workers. But M&A activity can actually create new opportunities for job seekers.

In fact, a report published by EP Vantage found that a majority of companies in the medtech industry grew their employee numbers after a merger or acquisition in 2014. Employers need more employees to support their growing business.

So how can job seekers get in on the action? Here are a few ways to take advantage of M&A activity in your job search:

Analyze employer needs

M&A activity can bring new products, new customers, and new areas to employers — and that can mean exciting things for job seekers. Employers may now need employees to fill new positions and create new career paths to fit their needs.

So how do you break into one of these new opportunities? By understanding the needs of the employer.

Look at the details of the deal and anticipate what type of talent they will need. Will they need someone who has experience with their new customer base? Someone who understands their new products? Someone who specializes in rebranding?

Review their new products and customers and determine how you would fit into the new organization. What makes you an asset to the employer after a M&A? When networking or applying for jobs, show you understand their new needs and that you’re the best person to fill them.

Showcase adaptability

M&A activity will cause companies to change, and organizations need employees who can adapt quickly. Those who have varied experience and are open to learning new strategies are resilient in the face of challenges and may be the best for organizations focused on M&A.

Show employers that you can adapt to any situation to land a job after M&A. Do you have varied experience? Were you in a situation that required you to change your approach? This is what you want to a highlight on your resume and in a job interview. Show employers that you’re ready for anything and you thrive in a constantly changing environment.

Be a leader

Showcasing leadership skills is important too — employers need leaders to take charge of teams in the face of new challenges and changes after M&A activity.

As it is, the demand for leadership is high. Almost half of the companies surveyed for Workplace Trends’ Global Workforce Leadership survey in February and March 2015 said that leadership is the hardest skill to find in employees. What’s more, among the 1,000 employees surveyed, only 36 percent said leadership is a strength in their organization.

Employers with a focus on M&A may have an even greater need for strong leaders. Emphasize any leadership experience you have and take credit for any projects you lead or managed, even if you weren’t in an official leadership role. Be confident when networking and when you’re in the interview.

Know what’s happening

Companies with a strong focus on M&A will likely keep changing and evolving. They may announce new leaders, a new mission, a new branch of the business, or even new M&A activity. Staying on top of these developments can give you an edge in the job search.

This information can help you target the needs of the business and contact the right people to get the job you want. After all, a 2015 survey conducted by the Talent Board found that 50 percent of candidates have a previous relationship with employers.

Stay on top of leadership and any other company changes that can cause a need for new talent and present opportunities for you to break into the business. Know who is in charge of hiring, who might be your potential boss, and network with them. Use your knowledge of the employer and company changes to get their attention and impress them.

M&A activity typically scares away employees and job seekers, but it can actually present you with opportunities to land a new position. Do your homework and understand the changing needs of the business to take advantage of M&A and get the job you want.

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