targeted sales leads, lead generation, business sales leadsIn the military, the term surgical strike refers to an attack which results in only dealing damage to the legitimate military target. This is achieved by months of much strategic planning to make sure that only the intended target is damaged and collateral damage be brought down to a bare minimum, or have none at all. In marketing, we can say that we can achieve surgical strikes when we make use of targeted business sales leads.

Marketing should be strategic as to make sure that our marketing messages hit their intended targets, much like when executing a surgical strike. However, such “attacks” are difficult to execute when your leads don’t help you identify who your targets should be. In the end, launching a strategic marketing strategy all falls down to the type of leads your lead generation campaign gets you.

Your lead generation campaign should be able to get you high-quality targeted sales leads which will allow you to execute your very own surgical marketing strike! Here are a few tips on how to execute a surgical strike using targeted sales leads:

Step 1: Identify your target prospects.

Before you launch your strike, you first need to plan. During the planning phase is when you should start identifying who your targets are – the recipients of your marketing messages and other such offers. Your lead generation campaign should help you in this part of the process as your leads will tell you which of your prospects should be on your “list of targets”.

Step 2: Understand prospect behavior.

The next thing to do in planning your surgical strike is to make sure that you understand your prospect’s behavior. For example, an assassin would observe their targets movement and behavioral patterns before making their move, much like how military strategists plan where and when to strike based on the behavior of their targets.

Understanding prospect behavior such as when they seem most ready to buy, or when they are most interested should aid you in knowing which of your targeted sales leads is ripe for your attack!

Step 3: Find the right time to attack.

There is obviously both a wrong and right time to attack. If you attack at the wrong moment you risk losing your entire chance at getting to your prospect. If you attack at the right time, however, the direct opposite may just happen. Surgical strikes are tactical attacks which not only require an understanding of the lay of the land and the behavior of the targets involved but also calculating when the right time to pounce is. Your marketing strategy should function on the same level if you want to get good results when using targeted sales leads.

The military uses surgical strikes to make sure that they only deal damage to what or who they need to so that casualties and collateral damage is minimized or non-existent. Your campaign should be surgical in that your messages are delivered to your target prospects as intended and to increase the chances that you convert those prospects into sales. Make use of your targeted sales leads wisely to lead your plans to fruition and success!