Every seasoned sales professional is aware of the dreaded summer sales slump. Though everyone loves the warmer weather, vacations, and time off from school, sales professionals know this makes the world of commerce far less predictable. But instead of letting the summer slowdown affect your company’s sales, try these tips to keep your sales sizzling hot!

1. Increase your social media efforts. Social media marketing doesn’t slow down during sluggish sales seasons, so this is the time to pour your efforts into it! Whether you’re updating your organization’s social media strategy or creating an entirely new marketing program, you’ll want to use the summer to find new sales prospects on LinkedIn, reach out to and engage with customers on Twitter and Instagram, and/or create some killer ads to run on your company’s Facebook page. Social media marketing is a straightforward and cost-effective way to find new customers too.

2. Temperatures going up? Prices go down. Summer is a great time to offer new and existing customers some incentive through discounted prices. Use tried and true marketing tactics like email marketing and newsletters, cold calling, or traditional advertising to inform people of the bargains you are offering. You can also combine this with your ramped up social media efforts by running promotions, competitions, or special offers to your social media followers. This will not only help with your company’s visibility online, but could motivate new customers to pull the trigger on a purchase.

3. Prepare for the busy season. If all else fails, use your newfound free time to prepare your business for the upcoming busy season. It’s never too early to start planning for new product releases, offering prospects details on upcoming new services or discounts, or strengthening your relationships with existing customers. Point is, you don’t have to throw in the towel and just wait for sales to pick back up on their own. Stay productive and use this time for long-term planning.

No one wants to think about sales slowing down, but it does happen. The best thing you can do is prepare for the slump ahead of time, use your availability to get ahead and stay productive, or even hire someone to help find and set up sales appointments for your company. As a sales professional, there’s no such thing as downtime if you’re using your time correctly!