Sprint Selling – How To Quickly Develop & Prototype New Revenue-Producing Strategies That Deliver Results!

Primarily, the two most popular business models are now defunct. The first one, centralization by function, just means that almost all of the functions of daily running were in-house. While this business model still works to some degree, new revenue-producing strategies must be implemented to ensure that you keep a competitive edge and hit your monthly sales objectives.

The second model used decentralization by region or product, which just means that there were various branches of the store in different states, cities, regions, etc., all selling the same products/services. Likewise, the products/services could be based in particular areas, such as Indian-style dresses in India and Midwestern styles in the US. Both of these models worked well for the last 25 years and still can work today, as long as you can develop and prototype new strategies to help deliver the results you want.

The Virtual And Velcro Models

Now, more and more corporations are focusing on two new models of sprint selling, called Virtual and Velcro.

Virtual Model

With the virtual business model, almost everything is done online (and some companies only work online). With everyone focused so much on technology and what it can do, it makes sense that almost every company in the US would have a website, if not a virtual store. A recent Fortune 500 Survey of CEO’s asked, “What is your # 1 concern in 2016.” The answer – “The rapid pace of technological change.” That’s why it’s critical to have a strong grasp on those emerging technologies that can help to make your business more competitive.

Velcro Model

Likewise, the Velcro model works by completely pulling apart the company and reassembling it in a new way or a new location. More and more companies are focused on implementing the Velcro business model because that means they’re always ready to start over and create something new that will offer the results they want.

The best way to develop and implement new revenue-producing strategies is to focus on what the customer wants/needs, what your team can do to help them, and keeping costs as low as possible while still delivering great results.

Happy Selling!