sales peopleI look forward to working with the salespeople I come in contact with. Most of my great connections have worked hard to understand my ever-changing needs and have experienced a time or two where deals have not come through. Salespeople have a lot of work to do and the good ones know their clients well and have connections like you can’t believe. Other salespeople are trying, but they typically miss the mark on a number of key decision-making opportunities and as a result I often tell them that I am just not interested in the proucts or services they provide.

Below is a guide to what I have seen with respect to salespeople I have worked with in the past. My hope is there is one item in here that will help you, as a salesperson look at your work a bit differently with your next interaction with a client.

Most salespeople I work with are doing the following:

  • Not Listening for what is really important to clients. (Pointing out Features that do not matter. Each person is different)
  • They talk to much about the great technology they have in place and the fact they have an innovation team, strategy team and service team. (How does that relate to the client?)
  • They want buy-in, but do not know how to start the process. (If a salesperson would work on a win-win offer, this would be a great starting point) (Get to the Point – Don’t Waste People’s Time)
  • Are not excited about what they sell. Have some passion and show excitement!

Here is what I would like to see more salespeople do:

  • Come in with a “Wow” option after listening to a clients’ needs. Have some options available. These options should be easy to setup and the client should be able to see the value.
  • Actually know their products or processes really well and provide specific examples from other experiences.
  • Show how their product will improve the quality of life at our company. (Salespeople need to sell an experience that they have not seen before)
  • Ask me to keep an eye out for . Start by asking for my email address and tell me you will send me more information on a particular topic, product, service, person. Some type of related information. People like myself like to be kept informed of something in the future that could really be of value to me.
  • Invite me to meet one of your other clients and learn how they are using the particular product or service which is being offered to me.

I don’t think these requests are out of the question and in fact if a salesperson actually lookes at these processes I think they would have a good understanding of how I think. By the way, this approach is what I work on with respect to my relationship with clients and vendors. It is a 360 degree process and it really comes down to serving people’s needs in a way that stands out from all the other sales processes out there.

Picture Source: Pixabay