So some (okay, maybe even a lot) of your software sales leads did not turn out quite the way you wanted them too. You may have grown tired of the many times you have heard that this is okay. Perhaps it really is not. Just because failure can be option does not mean it should be the only one right? However, how do you expect to find the right sales leads without first knowing which ones went wrong?

How Many Wrong Sales Leads Does It Take To Get Right

Sales Leads, Qualified Sales Leads, Lead GenerationWhat you have is a challenging stand off between two ways of viewing mistakes. One of them is the innovative camp which sees wrong software sales leads as still valuable in the lessons that they teach. The other is the camp which believes true insanity is repeating the same thing, expecting different results. How do you get the two opposing views to reconcile and perhaps bring you closer to getting better sales leads despite bad ones?

  • 1st Camp – In software, there is still a point that it is not really the mistake itself that is valuable. It is the lesson from the mistake. Yet more than that, it is how honestly you can tell yourself that you have learned. Was there really anything new that you found out from your bad software leads? Saying no is exactly what your opposition defines as insanity.
  • 2nd Camp – Meanwhile, those who hold this view need to be flexible. What you thought could bring you success may have just accomplished the opposite. Learn to adapt and reevaluate. If qualifying the same bad sales leads brings you closer to insanity then mistakes truly are the inspiration you need to redefine the kind of prospects you are looking for.

So as you can see, both sides actually have a lot to agree on. Most importantly: learning. They simply need to truly keep each other in check when it comes to learning about what qualified sales leads they really want. The 1st camp should not be too eager to make that many mistakes just to take a hint. The latter should not be so demoralized every time one or two sales leads turned out to be complete duds.

At this point, you can consider bad sales leads as the equivalent of drinking. Good wine is not just something you take in but take time enjoying right? It is something you enjoy in moderation for the sake of your health. Mistakes can help you become better at being a software vendor and finding sales leads but they must still not be made recklessly.

Finally, the reverse also applies to success! If something is not broken, do not try to fix it! Feel free to keep going with the sales leads you have had most success with and do not expect your software lead generation process to adapt too quickly to a new market.