From the view of prospects, the software sales lead generation process can feel a bit similar to the loading screens they see when they start any kind of application. At first, that sounds like a bad thing right? It makes it sound like your lead generation process that likes to keep prospects waiting. However, there are ways some amusing loading screens make that more bearable.

How Lead Generation Can Appease Prospects As They Wait

Lead Generation, B2B Lead Generation, Software LeadsHelping prospects cope with the waiting also has importance beyond just lead generation itself. For example, they may also have to do a bit waiting during the implementation project. If you can make waiting comfortable for them while they are still qualified software leads, then you can do it again once those leads are closed.

While loading screens on websites and computer games employ gimmicks and artwork, your prospects can view something similar as they progress through your lead generation process. Of course, it does pay to make it a little more serious as you are still marketing B2B software.

  • Teach them something important – Suppose you already qualified a few leads in your lead generation campaign but each of your prospects has to wait until a certain day for the client meeting. During that time though, give them the courtesy of giving them light reading materials so that they will learn important tips like proper spending for today’s business technology. Articles and short white papers are not the only reserved for the purpose of just initiating the lead generation process.
  • Help them practice – Using product demonstrations is always a good idea for lead generation but you have to make sure they are actually consistent with the real thing. Help them get familiar with using the technology because they may soon be using it on a regular basis. Prospect education should not begin when you are training prospect staff. A good deal of the orientation should already begin in the early lead generation phases. This actually helps the training part run smoothly and minimize adaptation problems.
  • Acquire constant feedback – You can also use the time to simply be open for more conversation. This allows your B2B lead generation to maintain flexibility in case prospects have sudden issues or wish to reschedule. The same goes for handling sudden objections. Take note though that even the feedback of old customers is not always reliable. Use the feedback as an opportunity to add more to their own knowledge than they add to yours. Doing so can help cement your position as an industry leader.

The more prospects are actively engaged with you while they wait, the faster time can seem for them. In a sense, you can even say this makes your lead generation process more productive than the loading times of consumer applications. (After all, users are just starting at a pretty picture and getting trivial tips). Your software sales leads get a better, more educational treatment and improves their compatibility with your technology in the long run.