Your software leads are generated based on a desire to upgrade, to improve. Prospects would not be so interested in acquiring something like, say, new accounting technology if they did not see it as a bit more superior to what they currently have (at least in some respects). Upgrades however still come in a variety so your prospects should also inform you on which upgrade they want to make use of first.

Software Leads Indicate Need For More Conveniences

Accounting Software Leads, Lead generationTechnology is supposed to bring convenience. So when you generate qualified leads, you know that you are getting them from people who want something a little more convenient. Hence, they betray a need for an upgrade. The only question remaining is: which one? There are just as many different software leads as there are different upgrades you can provide.

  • Step 1: Know what bugs their business has the most at the moment – Long term benefits are good but as software leads can have a pretty short life time themselves, it is also good to first consider short-term conveniences. What can your software leads contain that will inform you of what bothers your prospects most?
  • Step 2: Predict how fast they can improve with it – In superhero movies, ever noticed that whenever a hero gets a new power or toy, it most often takes time for them to figure it out? But once they do, it starts to fit like a glove and they begin using it as if they have been using it for a long time. How can your accounting software leads or payroll software leads tell you if your prospect can have the same result with your technology?
  • Step 3: Keep adjustment from becoming an obstacle – As hinted above, it still takes customers time to adjust to faster and more accurate accounting tools. It is like the powerful inertia after trying out a faster engine in your race car. Your software leads should not just predict how fast they can adapt but how you can help them too!

When your business software leads indicate a need, sometimes you feel tempted to see your prospect as a bit weak. But even so, do not underestimate them when it comes to getting a hold of your upgrade. Inform yourself with your software lead generation process to help them adapt quickly and start with the ones they really need most.