One well-known goal for lead generation is exposure to your target market. Once word gets out about your business, one can assume interested prospects will follow. However, there is a danger to asking for too much attention. Being too desperate for exposure can mess up your selection of lead generation tools.

Desperation Results In Poor Management For Lead Generation

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsAcquiring qualified sales leads, like medical software leads or manufacturing management leads, is a delicate process. When you look at the different stages of lead generation more closely, you will find that raw attention is not even sufficient to qualify sales leads. You have to continuously invest in the small spark of interest until a prospect is completely drawn in and is willing to meet with your sales representative.

Now in the following are some examples where desperation ends up taking the wheel away from strategy and how you can respond to get your lead generation campaign back on track.

  • You put all your cards on the table – There has to be something your target market is interested in right? However, a desperate lead generation plan does not care for what that something is. You just display, display, and display your products some more. Never mind the fact that a proper lead generation strategy is supposed to exercise a more decent amount of targeting.
  • You position your brand everywhere, literally – You want everyone to know the name of your company so you spend cash on ad campaigns, putting your name on websites, social networks, and even basketball games! However, again, what is the point of all this when it hardly guarantees you the actual business clients your lead generation process is supposed to be acquiring?
  • You do not measure the results of your exposure – A desperate software lead generation campaign will only produce shallow results. Sure, you have over 1k likes on Facebook. But as an ERP software vendor, does that really help? Has that improved your revenue? Can you actually make a strong connection between your exposure to your company earnings?

Of course, not all of this means the methods being described are utterly useless. What makes them useless is your desperation to garner attention without any clue as how to monetize it. In fact, it does not necessarily have to be about monetizing. A good lead generation campaign focuses on nurturing business relationships right? Any of that is better than just the blind craving of putting your name everywhere.

So the next time you think about doing just that, first look further on how your lead generation strategy can ultimately turn this exposure into a source of software sales leads.