Fitness experts say working out with a partner increases your chance of success. When you set up an exercise program with a friend, you’re more likely to stick with it – plus it’s more motivating and fun! It’s a great way to connect and do something healthy at the same time.

Getting the whole team involved in a sales shape up plan can also be a great way to strengthen relationships while building better sales processes. Top sales leaders know that it’s essential to understand performance (successful or not) in order to mentor and develop the team.

Some tips to get your entire sales team involved in a shape up effort include:

Use sales acceleration tools to show customer engagement

Sales acceleration tools can capture real-time data that shows how your sales reps and prospects are interacting – information that’s automatically updated into management reports. These reports make it easy for you to quickly compare performance for both sales reps and sales processes.

What sales leader doesn’t want to know what processes are being used by their best performing sales reps? How many emails does it take them to close deals? Which email templates have the highest response rate? What are top performers doing that under-performing reps aren’t? These types of productivity and activity metrics provide vital insight that can be shared to improve team performance.

Identify activities of top performers

Most people want to do a good job, and inside sales reps are no different. Often, causes of sales underperformance can be attributed to inexperience, a lack of clarity on the sales process, or even poor sales tools. These are very fixable problems!

By showing you what the top performers are doing, sales acceleration tools can help you spot what’s going wrong for the under performers, so you can put together a strategy to turn things around.

Have top performers share tips

At the end of your weekly sales meeting, take 15 minutes and have top performers share tips with the team. Have them explain what practices are working best, so others can benefit from them, too. Or do a short QA. Encourage reps to bring questions and have the more seasoned reps answer them. You can rotate sales topics each week.

Build repeatable processes for different stages of the sales cycle

Look at your sales cycle in terms of the different stages and develop a process specific to those stages. For example, identify 2-3 email templates that have gotten the best responses from new prospects, and have reps use those for their early outreach. They can still personalize the emails; however, with insight into which ones have previously worked the best, you can establish a course of action based on actual data that’s been proven to speed the process.

Track the team’s progress

As you begin to identify and repeat successful processes, keep a pulse on progress to help motivate reps. Just like seeing the scale go down increases weight loss motivation, seeing results can fire up your sales team. Perhaps tie a sales contest to your team’s progress. In the webinar “The Health of Your Sales Team,” inside sales expert and author Lori Harmon says contests bring out the competitive nature of inside sales reps, and they don’t have to be difficult to put together or cost a lot of money.

By making your shape up plan a team effort, you can increase your team’s motivation and accountability.

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