There is no such thing as a “perfect” salesperson. As an SDR, it is our job to continuously work on improving our prospecting techniques and communication skills in order to meet and strive to exceed quota. As sales managers, coaches, and mentors, it is our job to help SDRs perform to the best of their ability while offering ways to help them refine their skills and achieve their goals on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Focus on the following tips in order to sharpen your sales skills:

1) Listen to the prospect.

Getting a decision maker or someone live on a cold call can be exciting, but make sure you are not talking your prospect’s ear off! Always listen to what they are saying. If you are spewing information at them a mile a minute or interrupting, not only does that come off as annoying and rude, it will also inhibit you from determining whether they are a fit for your offering. Sometimes by letting prospects talk, they will even uncover their own pain points, making the close a lay-up for you! If the prospect is hesitant to participate in the conversation, try asking open-ended and thought-provoking questions to get the ball rolling.

2) Take notes!

One of my professors in college introduced me to the concept of “active listening.” This involves taking notes and interpreting large paragraphs, slides, and lectures into 3 or 4 words. Always have a notebook and pen handy when on a sales call. Oftentimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in a call that you forget to take down important information regarding qualification information. Jotting down quick little notes in an organized format can help you stay on task and save time when logging call notes later on.

3) Don’t let a bad call ruin your confidence.

You may have heard the phrase “smile and dial.” The role of an SDR is very numbers and results-driven, meaning that productivity and high-energy are a must. Sometimes your reps are going to get the guy that hangs up before a conversation even begins or get stuck in a rut and not make quota for a certain month or quarter. Don’t let that discourage you. Attitude is everything! Always look at each day as a new opportunity to do better and don’t let the negative energy of one prospect affect future interactions.

4) Shadow your peers.

As part of our internal training at QuotaFactory, we make an effort to shadow each other on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis. This not only gives SDRs an opportunity to hear other’s messaging, but also allows them to critique their peers and help them improve. Roleplaying in a team setting can also be beneficial, especially in the early stages of training for a new offering or update.

To be successful in a sales role requires that you to take action and come in every day with your game face on. By listening to your prospects, taking notes, maintaining a positive attitude, and participating in training techniques, you are setting yourself up to crush quota and hit your sales goals! How will you be a better salesperson than you were last month?

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