Powerful ideas are not a thing of the past. They’re a thing of unforeseen necessity – of the future. Consider some life-changing powerhouses: The telephone, the light bulb, the Beatles, and the iPhone…what do they have in common?

Each came about from the need for something different, each embarked on a crusade to change the present, to the future. Each started a revolution.

The Selling Revolution is Here

When it comes to selling in today’s convoluted landscape, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, buyers have changed and are pleading for a better experience. It’s time to fix the broken, so we’re here to revolutionize the way we sell.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” – Henry Ford

People resist change for several reasons, none of those more dominant than that of fear. But remember, FDR said it right, “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” Not convinced? Take some soothing advice from the Beatles, “don’t you know it’s gonna be alright, alright, alright…” And once the need for change – the need for doing something different – is internalized, you’re that much closer to taking action and revolutionizing the dated. For our purposes, we’re overdue to change the way we sell.

Why? For starters, it’s a statistical fact that 60% of deals end in no decision. We’re all buyers here, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to put ourselves in the shoes of our own buyers to understand why this may be the case. Think about it this way, when was the last time someone sold you value first, product/solution/service second? We shouldn’t scratch our heads at the thought of this…

Buyers today are overloaded with information and have access to just about anything at their fingertips. They know what they want and can easily and quickly head on elsewhere if what you’re selling isn’t a perfect fit. They’re smart and they refuse to be sold to. So why do we continue selling in the same exact worn out way? My fellow readers, there’s a reason we’re not using washboards anymore – simply put, there are alternatives to doing things more effectively!

Leave it to our CMO, Christopher Faust, to reiterate and remind us of “the inherent need, and otherwise inescapable gravitational pull to change how sales teams sell seems to be at the forefront for everyone… except sales. To the point – sales leaders need to instigate change, and now.” The selling world is constantly changing, so logically the way we sell needs to change as well.

I hate to say it (and please don’t shoot the messenger!), but somewhere within your sales organization, sales is broken. And your buyers know it. Thus the time has come for us all to sell differently, charge forward, and seize success.