How to Sell Like Cookie on Fox’s Empire Show

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie on Fox’s Empire TV Show. Above Promotions Company. Tampa, FL. Digital Marketing and Public Relations.

Millions of viewers tune into Fox’s new show Empire created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong.

Each week, people are glued to the set. Some watch it for the relatable family drama or great soundtrack, other the business tenacity and some just for the all-star cast and guests that appear each week.

As an entrepreneur and marketer, it is easy to focus on how the Empire business and some of the challenges it faces can compare to real life. There is always an employee like, Becky, Gabourey Sidibe, who is outspoken, but knows her stuff; or like Anika, Grace Gealey, who will do anything to get ahead. And if you’re around long enough, you’ll find yourself running into a Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) or Lucious (Terrence Howard) if you are not them yourself.

With every broadcast of Empire, viewers are left talking about at least one big scene in the show. Well this week’s episode did not disappoint. Cookie stepping in for Lucious at the investor party was one of the most talked about scenes. The writing of her “impromptu” speech was spot on. Who wouldn’t want to invest in the company at that point? The speech she gave was composed extremely well. It had the five things in it we consider are vital to pitching your brand to potential clients or investors.

If you are wondering how to sell like Cookie, here are 5 things to keep in mind when pitching or selling like Cookie.

  1. Be authentic. When people buy your brand, they are buying you. You must remain true to the overall experience, work and outcome the stakeholders can expect to receive. If you are not a major corporation of 50 years, do not attempt to present your brand as such. Starting off with a false persona will always show during your pitch or during the evaluation of your brand.
  2. Tell a story the audience can relate to. Stories can cause the mind to be stimulated and makes it much easier for people to remember information being provided. Give them a good story that they can relate to and they will always remember it. Or at least during their evaluation phase.
  3. Skip the jargon. The new buzz words are great to mix in with the old ones, but if your presentation is based around how many of them you can use to sound professional, you will just end up sounding like a long, boring white paper or case study. If you are in front of your demographic, they more than likely already know you are an expert. It is your job to be sure they understand what you will do for them and not how good you can recite terminology.
  4. Show irresistible value. What makes your brand stand out from all the others? What skill set do you bring? What problem can you solve more efficiently than any competitor? Value is not just about a price point, it is about worth. What is it worth to your potential customers or investors to give you money?
  5. Close with suggestive next steps. By tying in the points above and letting them know how you can move forward in success with your brand, you can excite them about purchasing your brand or investing in it. Let them know what is needed to begin and suggest a timeline in getting started.

While every deal cannot be closed quickly, with a large sum or even at all, it helps to have a reference point before beginning your pitch or marketing efforts.

Be sure to practice these areas before a presentation. Organize your thoughts and deliver with confidence. One thing I always advise our clients during training sessions for the media or marketing is no one knows your brand better than you. This alone should give you the faith in your ability to nail what you are presenting.

What do you think? Are there any other areas we missed from Cookie’s speech? Even if you do not watch the show, Empire, what other things would you consider for pitching your brand?

Let us know your thoughts.