No matter what your profession, chances are that selling a product or idea is part of your day. These quick tips to have you selling like a boss in no time.

1. Don’t Be a Star

While you might be very good at sales and at times be viewed as a sales star, the time for the enjoyment of that reputation is behind closed doors at your company, not in front of the prospect. Seasoned sales veterans have learned that in the salesperson-prospect relationship, the true star must be the prospect. This means that in that conversation, you’re not trying to put the attention on yourself or on your pitch. You’re gently but firmly making the prospect the focal point, guiding him or her (or them) further and further along in the realization that your product or service is the solution to their issues.


2.  Make the Sale the Buyer’s Idea

Today it’s all about insight selling. A very key component to insight selling is: make as much of the sales process as possible the buyer’s idea—and win a higher percentage of your sales. The more you are able to make the purchase the “prospect’s idea” as opposed to yours, the more they “own” it and the more responsibility they will take for seeing it through.


3. Stay Organized

One thing to keep in mind as you proceed: you are going to have a hectic day every day. This won’t be the only company you are dealing with, and not the only sales cycle you are ushering along. You need to be able to save and retrieve the vital details that you gather with each and every meeting. You need to be able to instantly access such information on the fly, if you are to be a success in today’s lightning-fast business climate. Beyond just keeping your desk clean and your stuff out of jello, the only way to stay organized is with a leading-edge CRM application—one that is intuitive and flexible.

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