Software Appointment Setting

Of the many qualities to look out for in a decent lead, knowledge of a company’s needs is definitely the most client-centered. However, there are some companies who list needs that are not only for themselves but are actually demanded by federal law. Thomas J. Trappler of Computerworld has this to say on the matter:

“If you move a function to the cloud that’s governed by legal or regulatory requirements and later your company falls out of compliance due to an error on the cloud vendor’s part, the law won’t go after the vendor – it will come after you. So you need to ensure that the cloud vendor can fully comply on your behalf.”

If someone out there thinks that this means providers are off the hook, they might want to think again. With trend of B2B software heading to the cloud, it’s more important than ever to constantly engage prospects and find out their expectations. These include compliance and Trappler’s article goes on to say that you might have contracts to fulfill.

Your software sales leads need to have this sort of information. If not, you might end up setting up your client for a nasty shock and even if they’ll be held responsible for whatever resulting mess, expect a bad referral at the very least. You’ll only be kidding yourself if you think you don’t need to know what legal responsibilities they want your services to live up to. It doesn’t matter what kind of communication medium you use or outsource (e.g. email, telemarketing services, direct mail, mobile marketing), the information you get out of it all should come with anything to do about compliance with the law.