A good lead generation strategy would usually have you playing to your strengths. If you are an SCM software vendor for example, you would focus on the most powerful advantages and present them to your prospects. Sure, there are shortcomings but position yourself in a way that makes it worth it. What you need to know though is that this lead generation tactic works best if you also play to the strength of a prospect!

The Strength Of Your Lead Generation Strategy Is The Strength Of Your SCM Prospects

Can you help them play to their strengths?

When you are told to play to your strengths, it looks like the focus is on you. You use what you know best to deal with a situation. To illustrate, a warrior would take down an ogre with strength. A thief would simply sneak by. A wizard would try and rain down a powerful spell. For lead generation though, it is not purely focusing on you. It is about presenting something that prospects consider advantageous.

Using the above illustration, imagine yourself as a merchant who sells to all three: warrior, thief, and wizard. Your lead generation strategy serves as your keen insight as to know how you can appeal to each one. No matter how well-defined your software leads are, there will still be variety and you need to play to your strengths by playing to the strengths of your prospects.

  • How does it augment their SCM strategy? – Like the illustrated characters, your SCM prospects can have unique approaches to managing supply chains. Some prefer to keep it simple, straightforward. Others prefer being a little more elaborate. Either way, your lead generation strategy should take them individually and present your software in a way that only augments the best of those strategies.
  • Does it improve something they do not need improving? – Something that improves magical power is generally useless in the hands of people who prefer using strength (and vice-versa). Obviously, you need to avoid this if you want a successful lead generation strategy.
  • How negligible are the disadvantages? – Disadvantages take a long development time to really overcome. In the mean time though, your lead generation process can still keep going if you target prospects who find certain disadvantages negligible. This makes it easier for your SCM software lead generation strategy to focus on the strengths because some prospects have reason to not let a weakness deter them.
  • Can it also compensate for a prospect’s weaknesses? – Do not also forget that your lead generation strategy can also offer something that helps compensate and not just compliment. For example, can you imagine how a hard-working but disorganized manager would benefit from a tool that does all the arranging for him? Never forget that shortcomings can also define your lead generation targets.

To summarize, playing to your strengths will always be sound lead generation advice. Know though that a good way to implement the concept for marketing is to also have your lead generation strategy play to the strengths of your prospects when qualifying software sales leads.