78484725If you want to achieve sustainable improvement in your sales and marketing, you’ve got to be scientific in your efforts. And that means being rational: making only informed tweaks based on real, quantifiable evidence. If you think that sounds a whole lot like sales enablement, you’re spot on. Successful sales enablement actually uses the scientific method to catalyze sustainable sales success.

But before we get to this rational approach to sales success, let’s revisit the good ol’ scientific method – because it’s probably been quite some time since you recited those six steps in unison with your classmates.

The Scientific Method: The Method To Real, Quantifiable Scientific Knowledge

  1. Ask a question.
  2. Perform necessary background research.
  3. Construct a hypothesis.
  4. Test your hypothesis by experimenting.
  5. Analyze your data and draw a conclusion.
  6. Communicate your results.

Sales Enablement: The Method To Real, Quantifiable Sales Success

If you want real, quantifiable anything, you need to be scientific about it. You want real, quantifiable sales success? Put your lab coat on and get your team on board with evidence-based sales enablement.

  1. Ask a question.
    Ask your target audience (clients or prospects) what they need from you. In other words, what’s their main pain?
  2. Perform necessary background research.
    Gather enough information to create a buyer persona for this target audience, outlining their specific needs, preferences and situational factors in as much detail as possible.
  3. Construct a hypothesis.
    Based on the information you’ve accumulated, put forth a solution that most logically resolves your target’s pain.
  4. Test your hypothesis by experimenting.
    Make your chosen solution available as an offer to your target, and analytically record their responses and reactions.
  5. Analyze your data and draw a conclusion.
    Come up with a reasonable conclusion based on your assessment of your audience analytics.
  6. Communicate your results.
    Share your findings with your team and work together to leverage this knowledge into continuous improvement of sales and marketing ROI.

Just as the scientific method uses evidence from existing scientific knowledge to cultivate additional scientific knowledge, sales enablement uses the evidence from past sales successes to propel future sales success. Scientific sales enablement is therefore a positive feedback loop, systematically transforming successful sales results into more successful sales results.

There is a difference, though, between sales enablement and the scientific method. The difference lies in the tools – and that’s where the scientific method, in all its indubitable glory, falls short.

Sales Enablement Goes Beyond The Steps

While the scientific method must be combined with tools and information to produce real, quantifiable knowledge, sales enablement includes those resources to produce real, quantifiable sales success.

Not only is sales enablement the scientific approach to fiery sales success, but it’s also the technology that fuels the fire.

So while your sales team always has that six-step scientific strategy to reference when they’re working with prospects or clients, they still need the technology to direct their success.

That’s where your sales reps need some outside support. They are unable to rely solely on memories of science classes past to direct real, quantifiable sales success. You must supply them with the various types of sales enablement solutions that streamline processes, automate steps and crank out the data to make informed decisions for continuous sales process refinement.

Sales And Marketing Technology: Putting The Enablement In Sales Enablement

The right technology connects every step and propels every process of your revenue-generation efforts, helping you to clinch sales and marketing alignment for that all-important marketing ROI and game-changing sales success.

Here are three examples of the different types of sales enablement solutions out there, technologies that keep your sales team on top of their game and dominating the market with indelible distinction:

  • Sales Portal
    Sales portal technology organizes and stores marketing content, but it goes way beyond information accumulation. A portal amps up your sales game with powerful analytical insight into all of your target audiences. Serving as a singular, secure meeting place for your reps and clients/prospects, the portal opens the door to seamless communication and easy content sharing. Reps are also able to exchange findings and best practices with each other – keeping pace with the modern buyer and fanning that sales enablement fire.
  • Presentation Management
    Presentation management software provides sales reps with lots of options and tools to customize and upgrade their demonstrations. With the emotional advantage of multimedia, multisensory sales presentations and the power and precision of dynamic, hyper-personalized messaging, your reps are able to engage, impress and win over their audience. If information sharing between your reps is what fans the fire of sales enablement, it’s the exceptional B2B buyer experience that throws oil on the flames.
  • Content Marketing
    With personalized content marketing software, you get the best of both ends of the communication spectrum: automation for efficiency and customization for distinction and impact. The technology helps sales reps leverage the most relevant research, distinctive thought leadership and compelling content to maintain fruitful dialogue with prospects/clients. It goes without saying that this customized communication automation includes keeping leads primed (and dormant leads alive) with precision-targeted lead nurturing campaigns.

Win over today’s information-empowered B2B buyer with a sales process that catalyzes sustainable sales success with evidence-backed, technology-stacked sales enablement.