How do you track your sales or business development progress and your lead’s engagement with your company and it’s resources while at the same time maintaining and nurturing your business relationship with the decisions-maker at that company?

It’s simple. You can do this using two Hubspot tools

  • Tracking urls
  • Smartlists

So, as an example, let’s say you have a list of fifty decision-makers in fifty companies that you believe your product or service will be of particular benefit to.

Imagine you have a valuable resource that will provide your chosen companies with relevant and useful information, like a White Paper on a subject matter you have identified as currently topical for them.

Sharing your free valuable resource will help you to build relationships with your prospects and the easiest way to get this resource to all fifty companies on your list is to email them. However, you would first like to speak to every person on your list because, in the past, you have sent out one email to everyone and, even though you included a valuable and free resource, you generated very little response.


Well, you remember from last time that one of the reasons you didn’t get a major response was because your email lacked a personal touch. You were already in the process of developing your relationship with some of the people on your list, and a few of these people were a bit put off by your lack of personal engagement – particularly as they had received more individually tailored emails from you in the recent past.

It’s good to remember that, although we target companies, ultimately we deal with people; people who make decisions. Every decision maker you deal with has the power to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when considering whether or not to do business with you, regardless of the value your product or service can add to their business, and whether this makes sense to you or not – not everyone thinks with their head. Some people go with their gut, and, if their gut tells them you don’t have to time to engage with them on a one-to-one basis, then they may not take the time to read the emails you send to them whether they contain valuable resources or not. Most people are simply too busy.

So, Time is a big factor here. It’s a big factor for you. That why you sent only one email – to save time. So, what do you do if an email shot is not personal enough?

An answer to this question is invest some of your time in setting up an automated process in Hubspot that will save you time elsewhere. Then you can feel happy about investing a bit more time retaining that all important personal touch which is very often what helps you to form relationships with prospects.

There are great efficiencies to be gained by using Hubspot that allow you to save time and build good relationships with the people at your target companies:

  • Tracking urls mean you can send personalized individual emails with links to valuable resources that have their own url which means you can track the engagement of your target with your resource.
  • When your decision-maker at your target company clicks on the link and downloads the resource they are automatically entered in to a Smartlist.
  • This Smartlist allows you to see who has read a particular resource and you can quickly see what else they have read and the shape that is emerging from speaking with this particular list of fifty companies and the effectiveness of this particular valuable resource.
  • Ideally, you want a Smartlist labelled with the name of valuable resource link you email to each person and you can watch how this particular list grows and develops which means you can nurture this list and the decision-makers as their engagement with your resources develops.

So, you get the benefit of tracking your progress and your target’s engagement with your company while at the same time maintaining and growing your relationship with another person who makes business decisions that affect you.

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