The best salespeople are those who are really effective listeners and who take into account needs of potential clients. At the same time, the skills that are necessary as a salesperson are not naturally gained, as you may think. They are trained. With this in mind, let us think about some sales training techniques that are accessible and that you can use right now to train.


E-Learning Use

The sales team has to understand everything about the promoted product or service. This is necessary to make a sale, no matter the channel used, ranging from content marketing to telemarketing.

E-learning is highly effective at helping the salesperson learn about the industry and even understand everything about the best possible techniques that can be used in order to close sales. Any company can organize e-learning classes for the sales department and the independent salesperson can enroll in classes that are now available online.


We have to understand that the amount of information that we can memorize in a short period of time is limited. Because of this, when you try to learn too much, it is possible that you will not actually learn anything.

It is recommended that you focus on micro-learning in order to avoid overtraining, which was proven to actually destroy the confidence of an individual and enhance technique as opposed to ability. Micro-learning can help by offering small bits of data that can easily be memorized.

Field Training And Feedback

Talent development normally happens while you are doing your job. This is quite normal and a large part of becoming effective in any industry. Field training is necessary, together with offering detailed feedback on the work that was done.

Let’s say that a salesperson starts a campaign that aims to use B2B marketplaces to increase service sales. The presence of a supervisor can help train the salesperson by simply offering highly detailed feedback on the work that was done. Effective training will always show a leader that will listen to the sales calls, will review recordings and will analyze performance in order to offer specific and timely feedback.

Sharing Success Stories

Employee attitude and happiness have huge impacts on the sales that are generated. If the employee has a better attitude and is happy with the work that is done, customer satisfaction will increase because of the way in which the contact between the two parties happens. With this in mind, sharing the success stories of different salespeople can help to inspire and increase the happiness of the individual that is praised. The motivation of the rest of the team will also be pretty high since salespeople will want to be praised next, with their success stories being shared in the future.


Make sure that you always focus on training as a salesperson or as a business manager that wants to prepare the sales team. You cannot simply hire someone with a lot of experience and expect sales to drastically increase. A lot of work has to be put into training.