An email came in today from a customer asking to remove his personal success story from my Never Cold Call Again site, or at the very least to remove his last name and his location.

It’s not because he isn’t happy. Not at all. It’s because he’s been continually inundated with prospective buyers of my course who see his testimonial on the web page, then call him to be sure he really wrote it before they buy.

But here’s the clincher: The testimonial only contained his name and town. There was no contact information at all. Which means that people are wasting a bunch of time trying to find him to get him on the phone, all to prove to themselves that he is “real.”


Come on, how many hours are people wasting on this nonsense, that they could be using to make sales instead? Not to mention that it’s just plain wrong to bother someone who was giving and generous enough to give me a testimonial. I’d be willing to guess that it’s a tremendous amount of time, because someone who is tracking down one of my testimonials is probably harassing all of them. In that amount of time they could close a sale or generate some new leads or read a new sales book.

I know I shouldn’t have to remind people how fatal the flaw of INDECISION is to your personal success. But apparently many people aren’t getting the message!

Think about this: Here is a product that people can get shipped to them and they have 30 days to decide if they want to pay for it, or just return it and be done with it. (By the way, this isn’t a sales pitch for my product – I’m using it as an example to get my point about decision across.)

HOWEVER – Even with this kind of no-brainer offer, most people STILL cannot decide either “yes” or “no.” They instead go to great lengths and waste a lot of time actually looking for the people who have provided success stories & reviews and ask THEM if they should buy it!

My favorite author Napoleon Hill said that “I need to think it over” is the last line of defense for people who haven’t the courage to say either “yes” or “no.”

In fact, I’ve always told prospects that I’d rather hear them tell me “no” than “I need to think it over.” The reason is that the latter statement is a complete waste of my precious time. I require decision. It’s one of the character traits that has made me successful. It’s sad that most prospects need to be reassured that it’s okay to say “no” before they’ll come out and say it. In most cases it’s a lot easier to close a sale and hear “yes” than it is to get someone to admit that they want to say “no!”

Indecision is the most damaging character trait that practically guarantees failure, primarily because it is at the root of most procrastination.

So I’m asking you to make a DECISION, right now, by making the following pledge to yourself:

Commit that you will forever give up the fatal character trait of indecision by making quick, definite decisions any time you face one and you have all, or even most, of the necessary facts and information at your disposal.

As Napoleon Hill wrote many years ago, “Make a decision. Make ANY decision. ANY decision is better than NO decision.”

By picking up the trait of always making quick and definite decisions, and sticking to those decisions and reversing them very slowly, if you do at all, you will find success rushing into your life at a pace you’d never even dreamed of before.

I’m not kidding about this. Please make that decision right now – commit to this and stick with it!