Who needs social selling? If 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally, according to SiriusDecisions, then you do.

This buyer research indicates that customers are using the search capabilities and content at their fingertips. They are self-assessing their needs, conducting their own research and making some level of a decision before they ever connect with your company.

Essentially, your customers are visiting digital ponds, called LinkedIn, blogs, communities and various social media channels, and schooling themselves.

So, are you fishing where the fish are? Or, is your sales organization still working on a hunch and using the old-school tools to find and build customer relationships?

5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Fishing Where The Fish Are

Before you cast your sales line into the pond where you THINK your customers are gathering, ask yourself these questions to help set yourself up for social selling success!

  • Are You Ready To Reel Your Customers In? Over 49% of LinkedIn users have an incomplete profile. So, there are not too many social selling All-Stars out there. Don’t believe your sales organization’s fish tale about how well they are perceived by their customers and prospects. Google them monthly to assess their reputation. Audit and improve their LInkedIn profiles to move them toward MVP (Most Viewed Profile) status. Easy fixes can be made to profiles and content to make sure they have ‘pond-side’ appeal.
  • Are You Listening To Find The Best Fishing Holes? Use an account-based listening strategy to assess your customers’ activity and their customer’s sentiment. Based on this intelligence you can likely find where the fish, so can to start to engage with them and build a relationship with relevant content. This sales nurturing preparation can help avoid having unprepared sales professionals. Social Centered Selling has stated 70% of sales representatives are thought to be unprepared for meetings by B2B decision-makers.
  • Do You Have The Right Bait? You can’t catch anything without the right bait. And, when it comes to finding customers, relevant and valued content is your sales organization’s bait. Gone are the days of just being professional and having a positive attitude. That’s like Tom Sawyer using a worm on a hook to go fishing. Today you need relevant content bait. Make sure your sales professionals have the type of content to build their reputation and develop sales pipeline. With 75% of B2B decision-makers using social media to help their buying process, your content bait needs to be alluring.
  • Do You Have The Right Pole and Line? Great fishing bait without the right equipment doesn’t help a fisherman to be successful. So, when your sales group ‘finds where the fish are, they need to have a solid understanding of how the basic social media channels work – LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging.
  • What Are You Going To Do After You Hook Your Fish? So, your sales professionals make a connection with their customers on social media or a digital community. Now what? Work with your organization to help them talk the digital talk to reel in the sale. This is a great place to start. Activate a social selling enablement strategy and program in your company. This move will help to change the behavior of your sellers so they can adapt to the new buyer journey.

Do you have a social selling story or fish tale to tell about your sales organization’s success? If so, then please share below!