When it comes to sales there are three sales soul searching questions you can ask yourself to stay focused and be the most effective sales person possible.

Is This Product Something I believe in?

If you are trying to sell a product you wouldn’t even buy yourself chances are you are not selling it well. You may believe that a good salesperson can sell ice to an Eskimo, but it wouldn’t be without a clear conscience and often not for repeat business. It all depends on what you sell and how you sell it. If you can’t convince yourself it is a good product, you will never be able to convince some else no matter how charming you think you are. You may have started out with passion but the same old thing day after day is getting you down. Look inside yourself to find that drive and passion again. Look back at what you were doing differently when you had drive and vigor and pull it out again. This will reflect in every sales meeting. With passion and drive you can sell almost anything because you believe in yourself and want to convince people they can’t live without the product that means so much to you.

Can I sincerely say I respect the people I work with?

Look around and watch what is going on. Truth be told most people don’t have to do this. They already know what is going on around them. What you need to ask yourself is: are you okay with it? Whether you have people who are constantly passing the buck, or clients who are trying to get away with murder with unreasonable demands, you will eventually have a moment when you have to decide if you can continue working with these people or not. If you are starting to feel like a doormat, are always biting your tongue when you are speaking with your boss and in general don’t enjoy the company of the team around you it will be impossible for you to be an effective sales professional.

Do I care about my clients?

The last question to ask yourself is if you still care about your clients. If you don’t they’ll know it and it will reflect in your sales. Find a way to get back to your clients roots or find your way to the door.