When you’re recruiting new clients, there is nothing more powerful than the truth: the truth from your past clients and of the service you’ve provided them. Being productive with your day is a way of working smarter and not harder. Your biggest advocates are the people you have already helped- and their impact may be greater than glossy new brochures or email blasts.

Think back to the last client you had that you really provided a service to. Ask them if they’d be willing to write up a brief testimonial of how working with you was valuable. You can even change names if they’d prefer, and reference the story in a way that connects to your current clients. What challenges did you overcome with those past clients? How did you work together to meet their needs? What special expertise did you bring to the table that showed that you cared about those clients? Telling stories like this goes beyond “here’s what the Smiths wanted and here’s how cheap I was able to get it to them.” Documenting the steps you took to consider the Smith’s unique situations and needs and how you achieved those helps potential new clients understand the effort you made to make a personal connection.

If you want to go the extra mile, use quotes from this testimonial (with their permission) to print up a brief postcard that you can hand out at a new client meeting. “Making it real” is about telling the stories of real people that you were able to service. Finding any kind of relateable connection between those former clients and your new ones also reinforces your expertise and relevance in the area. Even if you’re not able to close the sale with those clients, you still have another positive word of mouth experience that shows your commitment to sitting down with people and talking over their options.

Another way to do this is to host a unique referral event, like a golf tournament. Invite current clients and ask them to bring a friend or family. When you have current satisfied clients enjoying an event, they will be your best marketing tool. They will honestly share with the friends or family they bring along what value you provided. In addition, this is a great way to reach out to former clients and let them know you are still invested.

“Making it real” is a great way to make connections with current and new clients in a meaningful way for them, and it can only help increase your business.