Marketing - What does it look like?In 2015, these four areas are increasingly coming closer together like never before.

With all the talk of engaging and don’t sell, are we as marketers moving too far away from what it takes to obtain a sale. Are we moving away from our salespeople? Shouldn’t marketers and sales be working closer together?

Bringing Marketing, Sales, Client Service and Account Managers together

For me, the two areas are quickly becoming one. In the end, everyone in marketing and sales should be aware of the tools available to them and how they are being used. In addition, I would add client service and account management. Those people who are strong marketers, sales people or client service people are the superstars at your company. Yes, each marketer should care about servicing clients and gaining sales. Every salesperson should want to add more marketing tools to their skill-set and should also be taking care of clients’ needs.

Work independently or collectively

Truth be told, in most companies, these three areas are very distinct in the work they perform and often work independently of each other. I know, because that is how it has been for sometime for me. This year, more emphasis is being made to work closer together. I would also add that managers in your company are also wanting to be a part of this team. Who, better than a manager on the production floor knows their product/service better. It is a great opportunity for other people at your company to be closer connected to sales, marketing, client service and account managers. The closer the relationship, the stronger the message going out to clients. Everyone is on the same page.


For our company, it really started with each group updating information with respect to our client database. Every area is encouraged to add comments to each clients’ account to help inform other co-workers of news and insight regarding their clients.


Now, the key is leadership. Bringing all of these areas together will only work with strong leadership from the top and top people working together in each area. It is the ultimate team approach. One person can not bring all of these areas together unless you are a team of one.

Customer Focused

In addition, it requires a clear identification of who the customer is and what their current needs are. I say current, because the customer is evolving and wanting new updates to products/services everyday. It is a constantly changing landscape and companies need to always make sure they are focused on their customers.


You as a marketer, or salesperson or client service representative or account manager need to work closer than ever to build stronger relationships with your internal co-workers. Don’t get stuck only doing tasks associated with your position. The more you can learn from the areas outside of your own, the better you will be with respect to serving your company’s clients. Be different from your counterparts and build your skill-set in each of these areas.

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