Sales Management: What is your goal—today?

Sales leadership is a constant focus on many various facets of business-it’s one of the reasons sales management is a one of the most difficult jobs in any business. The person responsible for driving revenues has to focus on their sales team; its activity levels, their sales opportunities, morale/emotion, training, customers, perhaps marketing as well as other departmental interactions. It is because of these numerous aspects that many sales managers get distracted or lose focus.

In my list of the Top 40 Actions To Build Predicable Revenue I have attempted to build a check list with a purpose description in order to assist any sales leader in building their methodology. Download it and compare it your list.

Obviously no one can focus on 40 actions or even 20 steps everyday-just juggling the various items that can come flying in or at the sales manager at any time is hard enough. What I like to do with our clients is to help them build a mentality of execution-getting something done! I will frequently send a quick email to a variety of past and current clients asking them What is your Sales Management Goal-Today? The purpose is simply to reinforce the aspect of thinking about what “I” need to do today to achieve a higher level of performance from my team.

As you will see from the free download, there could be a variety of actions that might be required today! It may be as simple as checking CRM for quality/updates or developing the quarterly sales training program or making sales calls not to attempt to close an opportunity but to evaluate the ability of a salesperson and coach them to a higher level.

Take this opportunity to daily position yourself to do it better or think and act on improving your team. Sounds easy but many times its Friday morning and many Sales Managers realize they have not “moved the ball” forward on several critical aspects of their job.

How about you? What is your sales management goal-today?