When getting sales leads for advertising, the dichotomy of self-respect and self-promotion can be an obstacle. Some businesses see running ads as the ultimate sign of selling out. Others see that self-promotion is necessary to generate exposure (and even acquire sales leads of their own).

How Sales Leads Can Be Gained From Both

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You would think that self-promotion is the only concept that is friendlier towards getting you sales leads. The truth though is both can be used together to form one source. Tying self-promotion and self-respect is not that difficult if you know the line that connects them:

  • Using promotion to present your identity – The word ‘promotion’ (whether it is for advertising or advertising leads) can be misleading these days. When businesses promote themselves and put on a front, it is a way of expressing their identity. It is not about putting on a mask but the complete opposite. It is about telling who you are and you are not slacking off from that image no matter what.
  • Using respect to identify abuse – No matter how many sales leads you generate, the identity you presented can always be vulnerable to the abuse of those masses. Sure, you should listen to feedback. However, there is a point when a back starts to break from all that bending. As an independent business, you have rights as well to exercise acceptable practices. No amount of sales leads are enough to justify their violations.

Instead of pitting the ideals against each other, why not have them cooperate instead? There is a point where self-respect becomes blind selfishness and self-promotion only costs you your advertising sales leads instead of attracts. The irony is that you need to view things from the perspective of one ideal to identify the corruption of the other.

So the next time your advertising lead generation campaign is blocked out by this dichotomy, turn into a combination. Tell them how their self-promotion is a way of expressing the respect they have for themselves. Attract sales leads with the promise of not just broadcasting an image but telling them what it means to live up to one!

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