Sales Leadership Thoughts: Why Winners Win!

Salespeople must be trained on the emotional elements of success at the same level that they are trained in pure sales skills training.

Last week after speaking at a conference a person mentioned to me she really enjoyed the topic; Why Winners Win. It is one of my favorite parts of the keynote and the four points I make wrap up many of the beliefs I hold, so I thought I would share them with you today

The first element is: Winners Create Optimism. One reason is they dare to dream what others can’t imagine. In the past sociologists told us that you needed talent or hunger to succeed and win. There was a study done of highly talented individuals and those people who worked extremely hard (hunger) that never became successful and those highly successful talented or hard working (hunger) individuals. The result was the groups that were successful had an additional ingredient: optimism, not a simple happy go lucky feeling, but a real attitude that good things will happen. The secret to this ingredient is you can develop it. Work on the positives of life.

The second element is: they recognize fear as opportunity. Winners aren’t immune to fear, but instead of stopping them, the go with it. They treat fear as a signal and push through to experience new heights of living. Feel the fear-do it anyway!

The third is: they build dreams. Winners can visualize, they create of the image of their dream into reality. Our dreams shape us and we can’t do what we can’t imagine, people who get what they want often figure out what that is by letting their ambitions soar instead of censoring them before they emerge. Winners hang on to dreams…they are self-fulfilling prophecy; positive illusions promote the capacity to productive work and a successful life.

The fourth action is: Winners reduce frustrations. Winners focus on what will go right, not what will go wrong, losers see the sand traps around every green, winners see only the greens—go for the pin! Remember that past frustrations build anxiety, while we must recognize frustration, it is a healthy by product of working towards your goals/dreams. Frustrations are simply steps to achievement.