Leaders in the sales industry are not born with some special genetic makeup or a particular set of skills. Rather, leaders in sales are the same as leaders in any other industry and have developed their skills in this specific area of professional growth.

Leadership means having more than just an idea of what is necessary. It involves being able to create a specific target and then motivate the sales team to achieve that target. To achieve this goal, the sales manager has to have a drive for success, have an ability to prioritize and also have the self-discipline to manage their goals effectively.


The Communication Factor

Just having these attributes isn’t all that is required. The additional factor that turns great sales people into top sales leader is the ability to communicate that vision in terms that are inspirational, motivational and crystal clear to the team.

Everyone has worked with a top sales professional that made a terrible manager. Not only were they unable to communicate their goals and their action plans, but they may have lacked the ability to connect on a relationship level with their team. Communication and relationship building are two of the next-level sales leaderships skills developed by top leaders.

Intuition Balanced with Process

Anyone who is effective at sales is effective in the sales process. This may not be identical to the steps used in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system used by the company, but it is consistent and within company policy. A top sales leader is able to work with the sales process in a way that is consistent, predictable and proven to boost sales.

With this in mind, a top sales leader is also intuitive in understanding where sales team members are struggling and how to provide support. Implementing mentorship and coaching programs and providing support to each team member on an individual and group basis is another task that great sales leaders get done.

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