Summer might be looking sweet for vacation goers but it’s a battlefield in the box office. Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent were neck in neck but it seems to both that The Fault in Our Stars is currently dominating. And all the while, Transformers 4 and How to Train Your Dragon 2 have yet to make their entrance.

Still, the shocking and fast-paced competition should really come to no surprise for anyone in the marketing business. Even the most successful sales lead generation campaigns can find themselves in a similar situation: One minute you’re on top, but then there’s always a bigger fish.

It sounds like a typical corporate cliché but it’s a reality all the same. If you’re not careful about your success, there can be someone with a better sales lead generation process that can eat yours up.

So how do you stay in the game? Obviously, the best answer would be to never stop growing. If you never stop growing, you always end up being the bigger fish. In fact, it’s like growing a mutant one because you’ve got more liberty than a geneticist to grow what kind of parts you need to adapt in this ocean.

The only problem though is that growth itself requires a strategy:

  • Don’t just grow anything – Of course, like any unstable mutation, having the best of certain parts doesn’t exactly make you invincible. On the contrary, it can also make you dangerously inconsistent. You can’t expect a customer to keep going through your funnel when the information they’re getting starts growing sharply inconsistent.
  • Learn to be a scavenger – Just because you have set standards for sales leads doesn’t mean you can be overly picky. Sometimes old and cold opportunities are your best bet when it’s the only thing to keep your sales teams working. Read up on the basics of recycling your sales leads because even the biggest sharks in the ocean feed on dead meat at times.
  • Use your senses – If you’re going to grow something, much priority should be given to your senses, mainly the ones telling you of any change in the market environment. Your lead generation campaign should be prepped to detect predators, find more potential sources of leads, and teach you how to keep adapting.

The law of the jungle applies to sea as much as land. It applies also applies to marketing. Just like your favorite movie, they might always be a bigger fish if you don’t maintain the grown of your sales lead generation campaign.

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